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  • parents-are-covering

    Where Blessing Begins

    I’m sure most believers would agree that God intended for our children to be blessed and protected from the very moment of conception. Yet, many don’t recognize the value of the protective measures that God put in place to insure that their children would be blessed. First, the covenant of marriage is designed by God […]

  • blessings-and-curses

    God has a Plan of Blessing

    God has a plan for your family. His plan is to bless every generation and to see that the blessing compounds in its benefits from one generation to the next. Satan also has a plan. His plan is to curse every generation and to see that the curse and its destructive affect compounds from one […]

  • 0717_collegedebt_630x420

    Satan Fooled Job

    As I travel, I find there is serious misunderstanding of the book of Job. Most people believe and many traditional Bible teachers say that God removed His hedge of protection from Job. They believe that the removal of that protection is what allowed the devil to steal, kill, and destroy all that Job possessed. So, […]

  • 104304359_Ashampoo_Snap_20130823_03h01m15s_052_

    You Need to Know

    Sometime in the early nineteen hundreds, a passenger ship docked at Ellis Island. For thousands emigrating from Europe it was the place they would take their first steps on American soil. Aboard that ship was a young man who longed to come to America and experience the freedom and opportunity it offered. But he knew […]

  • medium_4584502251

    Common Doesn’t Mean Normal

    Many things have become common, but that does not mean they are normal. Another way of saying that might be; people are commonly living in ways that were never intended to become normal in God’s plan or will. For example, when I was in Junior High School there were at least 1200 students in my […]

  • ben-and-jesus

    Who’s Your Master?

    Years ago a young man came to one of our meetings wearing a t-shirt that read, “One Master.” I assumed that he meant the Lord Jesus Christ. Many Christians, however, could not wear that t-shirt with integrity. Why? Proverbs 22:7 explains it well, “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is servant to […]