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  • Devotion_Favor_400px

    How to Find Favor With Any Person

    “I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my mouth. I will enter His courts with praise. I will say this is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice for He has made me glad.” The lyrics of this song old from the 1980s based on Psalm 100 hold the key to […]

  • virus

    Do You have a Virus in Your Heart?

    Have you ever had this thought?   “I’m a Christian now, so why do I still feel so awful and act the way I do? Seems like nothing’s really changed.”  I think most believers have had the same thought.  That’s because when you were saved, your spirit was reborn or made new instantly, but your soul, […]

  • how_to_clean_windows3

    Preparation for Leadership Part 2

    Motivation Sometimes as we enter into leadership, our motives are not purely what God would have them to be. Our motive should always be to glorify God and bring others to know Him in a greater way. Any motive that seeks to promote self or bring glory to self will be exposed to you by […]

  • chipping-away-chisel

    Preparation for Leadership Part 1

    Timing In Genesis 12:1-9, God promised Abram that he would be the father of many nations. He promised that He would give the land to his offspring, which would be as numerous as the stars of the heavens. It was not until twenty-five years later (Genesis 21) that Abraham saw fulfilled even the initial stages […]

  • parents-are-covering

    Where Blessing Begins

    I’m sure most believers would agree that God intended for our children to be blessed and protected from the very moment of conception. Yet, many don’t recognize the value of the protective measures that God put in place to insure that their children would be blessed. First, the covenant of marriage is designed by God […]

  • blessings-and-curses

    God has a Plan of Blessing

    God has a plan for your family. His plan is to bless every generation and to see that the blessing compounds in its benefits from one generation to the next. Satan also has a plan. His plan is to curse every generation and to see that the curse and its destructive affect compounds from one […]