“3 Kings: Saul, David & Absalom – From Whose Perspective Do You See Life?” – Prayer Call Replay, January 20th, 2024

Learn how to truly view evil, totalitarian dictators (King Saul’s) as well as self-centered, conniving rebels (Absalom’s) from the heart of David.

How do I deal with the King Saul’s and Absalom’s in my life and in our society and government without becoming a Saul or an Absalom myself?

For example when we were teenagers, Dad was a restrictive, abusive dictator, and of course we were the innocent victim, David.

When we became parents and our kids became teenagers, they were rebellious Absaloms and we were of course the good, benevolent King David.

So, from whose perspective do you see life now?

How do I keep from being deceived by the World System around me that accuses me of being an Absalom?

Check out this teaching by watching the video above!

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