276n9qc4How are the following six related?

  • A meal together
  • Saying I’m sorry
  • Hugging your children
  • Speaking kind words
  • Giving hope for the future
  • Committing to help

If you haven’t figured it out yet, they are the six key elements of establishing a meaningful time of blessing in your family.

With our busy schedules, fast food and eating on the run have become the norm instead of the exception. That may be hard to change, but I encourage you to set aside at least one meal each week with your family. No guests, no friends, and most important, no rush.

After the meal, look into the eyes of your children. If you feel that you have hurt one of them with your words, then go to that child, put your arms around them and say, “I’m sorry, will you forgive me.” It’s amazing how those six words can heal a wounded heart.

Then, speak kind words of value that will encourage the heart and powerful words of blessing that will help paint a picture of a vision for their future. And always, end with a commitment to help your children fulfill that vision.

It’s time, start your own family tradition of blessing today. The window of opportunity will pass more quickly than you think. Don’t miss it.


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