Shame-on-YouI recently prayed for a woman who had been conceived out of wedlock from a one night stand.  She had no idea who her father was and always felt unwanted; just a big mistake, really.

I asked the Lord how to pray and this is what He spoke to me in my heart:

Tell her that during my life on earth I was thought to have been illegitimate.  Only Mary and Joseph new the truth.  Everyone thought I was conceived in fornication and I was considered a “bastard.”

Tell her that I carried her shame throughout My life and that it was nailed to the cross when I was crucified.  Through My resurrection she can now exchange those feelings of shame and worthlessness for those which I purchased.  Tell her she is not a mistake but an important part of my plan, that she is beloved, accepted and highly valued. 

When she heard these words, she broke down and wept profusely.  “I want to make that exchange,” she said.

Later she reported that she literally felt Jesus remove from her a cloak of shame and illegitimacy that she had worn all of her life.  The feelings that she had suffered with for years, simply disappeared.

If you are struggling with similar feelings, don’t wait another minute.  Make the great exchange.  It’s free and it’s yours for the asking.  Read more about this in chapter seven of my book, If God Is In Control, Then Why.       


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