healingSeveral years ago, a godly and selfless pastor in our city died at a very young age. Many believers wondered why God would let a good man like that die so young. If God would not heal him, then what hope do any of us have, they asked.

Questions like that, although understandable, are most often rooted in a misunderstanding of our relationship with God. It’s the belief that God acts according to our behavior rather than according to the covenant that He provided through His death and resurrection.

If character qualities were the basis for healing, then kind, selfless, and giving believers would never die of illness. In truth, healing is released by faith in the blood covenant promise of Jesus the Messiah. Revelation, character, selflessness and good works have nothing to do with it.

That’s the reason you sometimes see a new believer who has been living a sinful life healed immediately, while a Christian who has been walking with God for decades continues to struggle with illness.

The new believer is not confused about the fact that he does not deserve God’s healing and is completely dependent upon His grace by covenant. A Christian who has served God for many years can easily fall into the trap of believing that he somehow deserves to be healed.

Placing your faith in your good works, rather than God’s grace through covenant, makes it impossible to receiving healing. If you’re sick, then remember back to the day you gave your life to the Lord. It was by grace that you were saved and it is by grace that you will be healed.


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