q7e8uzhhThis past Mother’s Day most of us took time to celebrate the unconditional love of our mothers. We thanked them for all they had done to bless and care for us while we were children. What most of us don’t know is that what she said and how she felt about us before we were born was just as important.

“All the scores that I knew, sight unseen, were the ones my mother had played while she was pregnant with me,” said Boris Brott, a gifted philharmonic conductor. “Music has been a part of me since before my birth.”

Is that really possible? Do children learn and remember; are they aware of what they experience in the womb? According to Dr. Thomas Verny, author of The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, they can and do. “An unborn child is not just an inanimate fetus. He or she is a real person who feels and whose identity and self-perception are strongly shaped by his mother’s words, emotions, and attitudes,” he wrote.

When an expectant mom sits quietly, rubbing her tummy and talking to her baby, she is subtly and methodically forming more than the physical body of her child. She is touching the heart and shaping her child’s future.

This holds true for the father as well. His love and acceptance of the baby, his anticipation and excitement for its arrival and his communication can have the same affect. That is why it is so important that parents bless their children while they are in the womb.


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