w7Suppose a young man, who had never ridden, studied several books on the theory and practice of riding a bicycle.  He could then truthfully state that he knows how to ride a bike.  Then suppose a seven year old boy who has never read a word rides his bike a couple of hours every day.  He too, could say that he knows how to ride.

If both of these individuals then entered a five mile race, who do you think would win?  They both “know how” to ride.  But to those standing near the finish line, it’s easy to see who has the intellectual knowledge and who has the experiential knowledge.  Things in the spiritual realm work much the same way.

It’s not hard to see who has the experiential knowledge (or revelation) when it comes to the promises of God.  When faced with a challenge, the person who knows by revelation, the New Covenant promises, will always ask, “What has God said about this in His Word?”   The person who only understands the Covenant intellectually will usually cry out, “What am I going to do?”

If you often find yourself asking, “what am I going to do” instead of , “what has God said,” then perhaps it’s time for you to experience the New Covenant and allow the Holy Spirit to bring revelation to your heart.  That is how you win and that is how you overcome.

You can read more about this in chapter six of my book If God Is In Control, Then Why? That chapter is entitled, “Strangers From the Covenant.”


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