its_a_wonderful_life_stortIt is hard to believe that the Christmas holiday is almost upon us. One of the goals for FFI is to help you build a culture of blessing within your family.  So, this Christmas we are encouraging grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles to step out of their comfort zone and do something perhaps a little different. I want to give you two suggestions of how you might bless your family members at this special time of year.

I suspect that you may have been very busy looking for just the right gift for your children or grandchildren. The one thing that your children want more than a new IPhone or Xbox in their stocking is your “Blessing” or approval.  They need to know, with words, that they are important and valuable to you.  One way to “Bless” them is to write a short note of blessing and put it into their stocking to read on Christmas morning. We would encourage you to make this part of your family tradition at Christmas.   Those words of blessing will out-last any other gift that you might give them.

There are 5 key elements that you might want to include in your blessing for your child or spouse.

  • Be committed to your son and daughter through every situation.
  • Loving touch is a key to communicating love and acceptance to your child.
  • Express high value with words that will honor and affirm them.
  • See potential and bless them with words that picture a preferred future.
  • Say it over and over.  Your children need to know that they are loved and blessed by you!

Sample Christmas Blessings:

Click Here for Christmas Blessing Samples 

A second very powerful way you can bless your family members is to speak a word of blessing to them personally. You might pick a quite time, perhaps after dinner or in the evening just before everyone goes to bed.  Have everyone gather around and then share what you’ll be doing. Tell them that you would like to take a few minutes to speak a blessing and pray over each person present.

Then, walk over to each one, take hold of their hand or put your hand on their shoulder.  Look them in the eyes and then tell them something specific that you appreciate and value about their life.  Give them a word of encouragement about their future and then pray a short prayer.

The prayer can be simple; just ask God to bless them in Spirit, Soul, and Body.  What you may discover is that as you pray, God will give you something special to pray that will really touch their heart.  And if you’re a little uncomfortable, do it together as husband and wife or grandma and grandpa.

If you haven’t already, make this the beginning of a new and powerful Christmas tradition.  You’ll be making memories and your family will thank you.


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