Many things have become common, but that does not mean they are normal. Another way of saying that might be; people are commonly living in ways that were never intended to become normal in God’s plan or will.

For example, when I was in Junior High School there were at least 1200 students in my class. I never met anybody whose parents had been divorced until seventh grade. When one particular girl’s parents divorced, the whole school was abuzz with the news. Today, over 50% of the children in Junior High come from broken homes. It’s become so common that it’s no longer news worthy.

The question is, how has the enemy managed to make that which was abnormal only fifty years ago common. Answers primarily lie in the breakdown of the family resulting in the acceptance of new standards put forth by peers, the media, and society at large. But the real changes have taken place so gradually that many failed to notice.

It’s like the old story of the frog in the kettle. Put him in the water when it’s cold and he will never notice the change as it heats up. Before the frog realizes what’s happening, boiling water is his new normal and frog legs are on the menu.

Our enemy, the devil, works in the same way. Little by little he gets one generation to tolerate something that is wrong. Then, he attempts to move the next generation from tolerance to acceptance. And by the third generation the lie has been embraced as the new normal. Why? Because it’s so common.

There is only one true source of what normal should be. That is why reading and studying the word of God is so important. I encourage you to check what you believe against the word of God. You may find that what has become common is not so normal after all.


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