A few months ago I responded to a letter I received. I think it may be helpful to some of you reading this blog.

In his letter to me, this man stated that he believed God had placed an illness on a woman because of the calling on her life. He conveyed this to her and said she was entering into the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings.

His comments to this woman were simply the result of not understanding the New Covenant. I explained to him that for God to place sickness upon a person would constitute a violation and nullification of that covenant. God would literally have to take back His Word, and that He can not do.

Sickness and iniquity are spoken of together throughout the bible and both were paid for by the blood of Jesus. Psalm 103:3, Isaiah 53:3-6, and Matthew 8:14-17 make it very clear that God forgives ALL your iniquity and heals ALL your diseases under the New Covenant. If one doubts that the blood and stripes of Jesus were sufficient to heal disease, one would also have to question if the blood of Jesus is sufficient to forgive all of one’s iniquities.

Of course, this short explanation begs the question, then why am I still sick? I certainly don’t have all the answers. However, I have written a book entitled, If God Is in Control, Then Why? And if you will take the time to read it, I know that many of your questions concerning healing will be answered. You can also find out more by tuning in to our current TV Series, “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me?”


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