Exodus 12:21-22

Blood on the Threshold of the Door Protects Your House


Exodus 12:21-22
Then Moses called for all
the elders of Israel and said to them,
“go and take for yourselves
lambs according to your families
and slay the Passover lamb.
You should take a bunch of Hyssop
and dip it in the blood,
which is in the basin
and apply some of the blood
that is in the basin, to the lintel
and the two door posts
and none of you shall go
outside the door of his house
until morning.”
It is Passover time!
We’re celebrating
Israel coming out of Egypt
and all of us have been
in bondage to our own Egypt.
Certain areas where
we’ve been slaves,
and it’s our time
to come out of Egypt as well.
But here’s a very interesting
thing you may not have known
You know when God told Israel
to do this strange thing,
pour blood out in a basin
at the threshold of your door,
and put a hyssop in it
and paint it all around.
Do you know that was a common
greeting custom in that day?
In our day that would be very strange
Do you know I have never one time
poured out blood
on the threshold,
when a guest was
coming to my house
and painted the blood
all over the front of the door.
I’ve never heard of anybody,
none of my friends
have done that
nobody I know has done that,
That’s not our
greeting custom today.
Here’s what’s amazing!
Do you know in that time,
in Eastern culture,
that was a very common
greeting custom
and what is was, was this
they called it,
the threshold covenant.
When you heard a guest
was coming to your home,
you would pour out blood,
at the threshold
of your dwelling,
at the threshold of your door,
to invite that guest
to step across and come in
to your dwelling,
and enter into covenant with you.
You would protect him.
You would honor him as a guest.
if he was an enemy
you wouldn’t pour out
any blood at all
if he was somebody
that you didn’t like.
Well in ancient times
when a king would
conquer new territory,
he would travel
throughout his kingdom.
He couldn’t get on a television
and give a state of
the union address,
like we could today.
So he would travel
with a large entourage.
He would take his harem with him,
he would take the army with him,
and a diplomatic core.
And he would go
from village to village
proclaiming the terms
of the kingdom
this is the army conscription
these are the taxe s
these are the rights
and privileges of our Kingdom.
And he would send
into all the houses
of his loyal subjects,
one of his ambassadors
who would declare
the terms of the kingdom,
and talk about what
this kingdom is all about.
And lead those people
into the kingdom.
And on the other hand
where his enemies were,
instead of sending
his ambassador in,
he would send the army in,
kill that family and eradicate
those who were rebels.
Eradicate his enemies
from the land.
Now how would he know
whether someone was loyal,
or whether somebody
was an enemy
Here’s the way he would know.
All the loyal people
would pour out blood,
at the threshold of their door.
The most costly blood
that they had
usually people had stored up
one animal called
the fatted calf
they poured out
the blood of that animal
to invite a king
into their home
to declare their loyalty
to the king.
And so if you would
have lived in that time
this would have been
a common practice.
If you heard a king
was coming to your village,
you would slay an animal
pour out blood
at the threshold.
Sometimes kings would
mistake a loyal home,
for an enemy home,
because they couldn’t see
the blood from far off
so you know what
people took to doing?
They would desert bushes
like hyssop
and they would
dip it in the blood
paint it all over
the front of that door
so it could be seen
for miles away.
Hey king! We’re loyal,
don’t send the army in here
come in here yourself.
Declare the terms
of the kingdom.
We will serve you,
we will be your people,
and you will be our King.
And God is using exactly
this very familiar imagery
to the people of Israel at Passover.
So this is not something strange
like it would be today.
Where somebody said
“pour out blood at
your door and paint it?”
No, that would be
a strange thing for us.
For them, that was not
at all strange.
they realized immediately.
God is coming as a king,
to deliver us from
the bondage we’ve been in.
He will be our King
He will be our God
we will be His people.
And He’s just inviting us
to receive Him
to come under his authority
and his protection.
Here’s the point
What area in your life
do you need the king to protect you?
Is there an area of provision
that you need?
Is it financial?
Is it in your physical health?
Is it in your marriage?
All these things are made
available by the king
that we serve.
He would love to bring you
under his protection,
under his provision today.
What area are you in need of?
I’d like to just pray for you.
I pray today,
that you would receive
a revelation of that
blood of the lamb
that was poured out,
even at Passover,
as we’re celebrating Passover
right now.
The blood of the Lamb
that was poured out,
to deliver you from bondage
to set you free.
I pray today that,
that blood would
become effective in your life
to establish the kingdom of God
in your life, in your family
and everywhere you go
in your business this day
in the mighty name of Yeshua


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