Exodus 12:21-24

Blood invites the king into your house



Exodus 12:21-24
Then Moses called for all
the elders of Israel
and said to them,
“go and take for yourselves lambs
according to your families,
and slay the Passover lamb.
And you shall take
a bunch of hyssop
and dip it in the blood
that is in the basin,
and apply some of the blood
that is in the basin to the lintel
and the two doorposts;
and none of you shall go outside
the door of his house until morning.
For the Lord will pass through
to smite the Egyptians;
and when He sees the blood on the lintel
and on the two doorposts,
the Lord will pass over the door
and will not allow the destroyer
to come in to your house to smite you.
And you shall observe this event
as an ordinance for you
and your children forever….”
A ll of my life I was taught
the Passover backwards.
We’re celebrating Passover
during this time
exciting time
You know what I always
thought the Passover was?
I thought it was
Israel putting the Blood
on the door of their houses,
and then when God saw the blood,
He didn’t go into that house
to kill and destroy them,
but He skipped over, passed over
that house, and went in
the houses of the Egyptians.
That is exactly opposite
of what really happened.
What really happened was this,
the blood on the door,
is an invitation for a guest
to enter into covenant
with the family that dwells inside.
You need to understand
2 Hebrew words
in order to really get this.
I encourage you to
study this a lot deeper.
The two words are Abar and Pesach.
Abar means just to pass by
or to pass through a crowd.
So if I would walk past you right now
that would be abar.
Pesach on the other hand
only means one thing
to step across a threshold
where blood has been poured out
and enter into covenant
with the people on the inside.
Let’s look at which word
is used here verse 23
“the Lord will Pass through..”
that is the word Abar
to pass through
“to smite the Egyptians
when He sees the blood on the lintel
and the two door posts
the Lord will Passover..” that’s not Abar,
that’s not skip over, that is Pesach,
to step over a threshold
where blood is poured out
and to enter into that house.
Here is the amazing thing
this was a revelation to me
the Passover is not about
keeping God out of your house
by the blood.
the Passover is about inviting God
into your house.
Our carnal natural evil minds think
God is a killer
“boy, the last thing is, you want
is God in your house
get that blood on the door
keep God out of your house
He’ll kill you
He’ll give you a car accident
put sickness on you”
That’s the opposite of who God is.
God is your protector.
God is your healer.
God is your deliverer.
The blood on the house
of the Israelites
was to invite Yahweh,
their God into the house,
our God into the house.
That we might dwell with Him,
inviting Him to come like a king,
declare the terms of the kingdom.
And the phrase that is used
in the Bible is,
God said I will be your God,
and you will be my people.
Every king would say
I will be your king
and you will be my subjects
or you will be my people.
This is the same language,
the same imagery
as a conquering king coming
declaring the terms of the kingdom,
and He sends the army
into every house where the blood
is not poured out
and comes himself or sends
his emissaries into the house
where the blood is poured out.
During this Passover season
we’re celebrating the king
who has come to our house.
And this of course is a picture
a figure of what we saw
happen in Messiah,
when He came to earth
poured out His blood of course
and we receive that.
We’ll talk about that in a later time.
But today my question is this.
What area of your life
are you in need of
God’s provision, God’s love
God’s Healing?
He’s here for you
to provide that today.
Will you open the
door of your house?
Will you let Him come in
and take you out of your Egypt?
Let’s pray
Father I pray for
each one of us today
that you would expose,
what is the Egypt bondage
we’re still enslaved to?
And Father today would be our day
to be delivered out of our Egypt
and into your Kingdom
in the name of Yeshua,


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