Matthew 26:26-29

Messiah Yeshua’s Fulfillment of Passover


Matthew 26:26-29
While they were eating,
Jesus took some bread,
and after a blessing, He broke it
and gave it to the disciples,
and He said,
“Take, eat, this is My body”
and when He had taken a cup
and given thanks,
He gave it to them, saying,
“Drink from it, all of you;
for this is My blood of the covenant,
which is poured out for many
for forgiveness of sins.
But I say to you,
I will not drink of this fruit of the vine
from now on until that day
when I drink it new with you,
in My Father’s kingdom.”
This is the fulfillment
of the feast of Passover.
This happened at the time of Passover
we call it the last supper
in Christian tradition.
But this was the feast of Passover
this was a Passover Seder
that Yeshua was celebrating
with His followers.
What we see is,
this is the fulfillment of Passover.
In the Passover
we talked about the fact
that Israel put blood
on the doors of their houses,
to invite God to come in to the house.
Not to keep God out of the house.
God sent the army in
to destroy His enemies
everywhere, where there was no blood
but He Himself entered in
to every house where
there was blood.
That’s what the Passover is about.
Inviting God to come
into your house
by putting the blood
in the threshold basin
at the threshold of the door,
and all around the door.
Now this is reversed.
This is just awesome
if you can catch this
what God Almighty did,
is He now used that same imagery
of Passover, where Israel
invited Him to come into their homes.
God is now saying
I’m not pouring out representative blood
this is not the blood of a bull,
or a goat, or the fatted calf.
This is actually My own blood
blood of Messiah,
who is God incarnate on this earth.
Here’s what Yahweh said
“I’m pouring out My own blood
at the threshold of My eternal
tabernacle because I wish
to treat you like a king.
I now invite you to
step across the threshold
enter into covenant with Me.”
In an eastern understanding
of covenant,
when a man would
make covenant with another man,
he would say this,
“All I have and all I am is yours.
If I have anything and you need it,
it’s available to you.
I will protect you,
I will provide for you,
I will take care of you.”
and the other man would say
“All I have and all I am is yours….”
they would exchange everything
say “everything I have is available.”
When you enter into
that covenant with God Almighty
by the blood of Messiah Jesus
what you’re doing is saying
“All I have and all I am is yours.”
and He says
“All I have and all I am is yours.”
What we’re celebrating in Passover,
and the fulfillment of Passover
that we just read,
Yeshua at the Passover Seder said
This is My blood of the new covenant
poured out at the threshold
of My Father’s eternal tabernacle
I’m now inviting you to step across
I wish to treat you like a king
all I have, all I am is yours
Today as you go through your day,
would you remember
that God almighty
has made available to you
all he has, all He is
and your response is, yes Lord
all I have and all I am is yours
so what is there in your life today
that you haven’t fully
given over to Him?
Today would be a good day to do that.
What is there that He has available
that you’re in need of
that you haven’t fully received?
so let’s pray.
Father I pray for
each one of us today
that You’d give us revelation
of what we have,
that needs to be committed to you
that’s been withheld from You.
And Father what is it that we need
that You have? Is it healing?
Is it restoration?
Healing in marriage?
With children?
finances? What is it
Father I pray for each one today
there would be a revelation
of what You’ve made
available by covenant
in the name of Yeshua


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