Luke 15:21-24

Kill the Fatted Calf For My Son


Luke 15:21-24 and the son said to him father, I have sinned against heaven and in your sight I am no longer worthy to be called your son but the father said to his slaves quickly bring out the best robe and put it on him and put a ring on his hand and sandals on his feet and bring the fattened calf kill it and let us eat and celebrate for this son of mine was dead and has come to life again he was lost and has been found and they began to celebrate this is the most amazing picture of God’s grace poured out to someone who does not deserve it you know the story we commonly call this the prodigal son he took his father’s inheritance went away squandered it spent it all on immoral types of things prostitutes, drugs, alcohol all the things that were available in those days and finally comes home repentant and what we see here is the most amazing thing most people don’t realize this word the fattened calf meant something very special in this culture I learned that when a king would conquer new territory he would travel from village to village to village declaring the terms of the kingdom and people who wanted to demonstrate loyalty to the king would pour out blood at the threshold of their house and paint the blood all over the front of the house and that was a symbol demonstrating their loyalty inviting the king to come in and then they would prepare a feast normally the blood that was poured out was one very special animal called The Fattened Calf how often would a king ever come to your house how often has the President or prime minister of your nation come to your house for most of us probably never you would almost never see the fattened calf killed and a feast prepared with the fattened calf because a king never came can you see the significance of this when this dishonorable son who has squandered his father’s money comes home the father says kill the fattened calf can you imagine what everybody was thinking you got to be kidding is a king coming no, not a king my youngest son is coming the one who squandered my inheritance he has returned home and I wish to convey upon him the same honor I would convey to a king can you imagine that imagine what that son must have felt realizing oh my goodness my father has never in his life killed the fattened calf and prepared a feast with it because a king has never come to our house and he’s doing that for me can you imagine how that touched his heart not only that the father said give him sandals put sandals on his feet do you know that slaves wore no shoes what are sandals they were the shoes again of a son not a slave he said put a ring on his finger what was the ring that was the credit card of that day that was the authority to use his father’s wealth again in town with the signet ring of his Father it’s like his father gave him the family credit card again restored it to him what we’re seeing here the message is God loves you so much it’s independent of anything you’ve ever done or ever will done haha, ever will done ever have done or will do God loves you so much He just wants to pour out His grace He’s not mad at you He knows everything you’ve ever done He’s never felt about you the way you might have felt about yourself He loves you He’s waiting for you to come to Him like this son Father I have nothing to offer you I just want to receive your grace and the Father says son I love you I would kill the fattened calf for you not only the fattened calf I shed My own blood Jesus the Messiah His blood was poured out for you to forgive you so what area today are you in need of forgiveness do you need to come to the Father in a particular area of your life and repent like this son and say Father I have nothing to offer you please forgive me let’s just pray and ask Him that Father speak to us is there an area of my life today where I need your forgiveness where I need your grace Lord thank you that You love me Father today I receive your grace your love in the name of Jesus the Messiah Amen


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