Luke 15: 25-32

Are You Like The Older Brother?


Luke 15:25-32
“Now his older son was in the field,
and when he came
and approached the house,
he heard music and dancing.
And he summoned one of the servants
and began inquiring
what these things could be.
And he said to him
‘Your brother has come,
and your father has killed the fattened calf
because he has received
him back safe and sound.’
But he became angry
and was not willing to go in;
and his father came out
and began pleading with him.
But he answered and said to his father,
‘Look! For so many years
I have been serving you
and I have never neglected
a command of yours;
and yet you have never
given me a young goat,
that I might celebrate with my friends;
but when this son of yours came,
who has devoured
your wealth with prostitutes,
you killed the fattened calf for him.’
And he said to him,
‘Son, you have always been with me,
and all that is mine is yours.
But we had to celebrate and rejoice,
for this brother of yours was dead
and has begun to live,
and was lost and has been found.'”
Again a dramatic demonstration
of the grace of God poured out.
You know the story.
Two brothers lived with their father.
this is a parable Yeshua was telling
to His followers and those around.
The one brother said
“just give me the inheritance
I don’t want relationship with you
I don’t care about you.”
He left, squandered everything.
And now we just read, his return home
after many years, having lost everything,
having lead an immoral lifestyle,
he comes back home repentant.
The father kills the fattened calf,
and throws a big feast for him.
The older brother, instead of rejoicing
that this lost son has
come home, is angry
Why is he so angry?
And the answer is;
because in his heart
he has also not received
the grace of God.
Here’s Yeshua’s message.
His message was,
this father wanted to lavish and pour out
grace upon both sons.
But both sons believed
they had to earn their father’s approval.
They believed they had to do something,
to get their father to like them,
to give to them;
and the younger son
eventually just gave up
he couldn’t compete
with his brother
and he said
“there’s no way I can win”
so he just left.
Now he came back with
nothing to offer his father
and said
“father just treat me as a servant,
I have nothing to offer”
He was empty, he had nothing to offer,
and the father said,
“finally, finally you’re in a position
to receive my love and my grace”
The older brother was
not yet in that position
he was still full of his own works,
full of himself.
This is interesting,
the words that come out of his mouth
he gathers up all his works,
all his obedience, all his performance,
and he says to the father.
“Look! Look! Look at all I’ve done!
see for so many years,
I’ve been serving you, I’ve obeyed you,
I’ve done everything.”
You know what
that older brother believed?
The love, the favor,
the blessing of my father,
is dependent upon my works.
Both sons believed that initially
The younger son decided
“I’ll never measure up” and he left
the older brother probably thought
“great! I’m the only one left”
What were both boys seeking?
They were both looking for
the blessing of their father
and the point
of Yeshua’s parable is,
It was to be given freely
to those who were empty
who were no longer
full of themselves.
So many people come to God,
they say….
nobody would probably
ever say it this way.
But many times people
sort of come and say,
God You’re really awful lucky
to have me in your Kingdom.
I mean, I tithe
I even give offerings beyond that.
I read the Bible everyday.
I pray everyday, I’m a kind person.
I love my children, I love my family.
I work hard, Lord You’re really lucky
to have me in your Kingdom,
and again when we’re….
All of us are subject to doing that.
Gathering up our things
that we have to offer, and saying,
“God I have all this to offer you, bless me”
and God says “I’m waiting for you
to be empty. I’m waiting for you
to have nothing to offer me.
To where, you just come, and receive
what I offer you”
there’s really only two religions,
on the face of the earth.
One that says, you have to
do something, to have
to offer God to be approved.
The other one that says,
you have nothing
that you can offer God
Therefore, He came
and gave His life as,
Jesus the Messiah,
Yeshua Ha Mashiach.
He gave up everything for you.
Will you receive what He did for you?
You have to be empty to do that.
Let me just ask you,
in what area today
are you full of yourself?
In what area today are you
looking at your works and saying,
“I’ve done this, I’ve done that,
I’m doing this
God, You should bless me
because of all that I’ve done.”
In those areas,
lay those things down.
Come to Him empty.
Lord I have nothing to offer,
I just need to receive
Your love and your grace.
Because that’s who You are.
Because You’re compassionate,
You’re kind, You love me.
Receive His grace and love
and walk in it today
God bless you


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