John 14:6

Jesus Is The Only Way To The Father


John 14:6 Jesus said to him I am the way, the truth, and the life no one comes to the Father but through Me wow what a radical radical statement no other person no other leader of any religion philosopher has ever said something like that no one comes to the Father but through me why would He say that C.S. Lewis had a very good argument for that He said a man that would say that is not just a nice moral teacher is not just somebody that you should follow that man that would say I am THE way THE truth and THE life no one comes to the Father but through me either that is absolutely true He really is or He is a deceived lunatic that you should not follow or He is a liar trying to gather people through an overt and blatant lie that He knows is not true it’s got to be one of those 3 everybody needs to decide that I am 100% convinced that Jesus the Messiah is exactly who He said He was here’s a very interesting thing there are really only 2 philosophies of life on all of planet earth one is you must do something to somehow attain God’s favor the other is you can do nothing to attain God’s favor therefore God did something by sending His son Jesus the Messiah on your behalf to pay for what you have done wrong no other religious leader says that no other religious leader no other religion or philosophy is talking about what God has done for you to make you right they’re all talking about what you must do to make yourself right in the eyes of God let me just give you this analogy suppose there was an assignment for you to swim from San Francisco to the Island of Hawaii that’s over 2200 miles probably longer than that there’s no human being alive that can do that it really doesn’t matter if you set out from San Francisco toward Hawaii whether you’re an olympic swimmer or whether you’re a really terrible swimmer you’re going to drown it doesn’t matter whether you drown 100 meters off shore 1000 meters offshore or 1000 Kilometers offshore you’re going to drown it’s not possible for a human to do it that is what Jesus is saying He’s saying it’s not possible for you to do anything to pay for your own sin to make yourself right in the eyes of God nobody can do it it’s impossible there’s not one person who can do it and as a result of that Jesus is like in the swimming analogy a lifeboat that comes along picks you up and takes you to Hawaii it’s what God has done for you not what you can do for Him that’s why Jesus said that have you given Him 100% of your life have you acknowledged and stopped trying to do something to find approval and win the favor of God and have you come to the end of yourself where you’ve been willing to acknowledge there’s nothing I can do I desperately need your salvation I desperately need you to come in the boat and pick me up if you haven’t would you pray this prayer with me today if you’ve never prayed it before or if you have would you just affirm that again with me let’s pray this Father God I acknowledge today there’s nothing I can do to make myself right in your eyes and because of that you sent Jesus Christ Yeshua Ha Mashiach the Messiah to pay for my sin, forgive me I receive that payment and I acknowledge He is THE ONLY WAY to the Father and I choose that way today I give you the rest of my life make me the person you want me to be and I allow you to pay for all my mistakes my sins my foolish choices my selfishness Amen


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