Matthew 22:37-40

Bless People, and You will make a difference.


Matthew 22:37-40

and He said to him,
This is the great and
foremost commandment.
The second is like it,
On these two commandments depend
the whole Law and the Prophets.”
Yeshua said that these two things
sum up the entire Bible.
Love God and love people.
The Lord gave me
a little phrase
sometime back.
love God, bless people,
and you will make a difference.
A lot of people are busy trying
to make a difference.
Here’s what I learned.
If you’ll just love God
with all your heart,
and you’ll make it your business
to bless other people.
You will make a difference.
You won’t be able to help
but make a difference.
It’s just powerful to consider,
what does it mean to really
bless another person?
What does it mean
to really love another person?
A very interesting thing,
that I heard a pastor say
many many years ago is this,
his wife’s name was Linda,
and this pastor said
“I realized shortly after I got married,
that my wife loves God,
and that God wants to bless her.
It’s God’s intent to bless her”
and this husband said,
“I realized that probably
the primary way,
that God is going to
bless my wife,
is through me, her husband.”
and he said, “Once I understood that,
I determined in my heart,
I am going to make it my business
every single day when I get up,
to bless my wife.
To see to it that
anything she wants,
if it is physically possible,
within the realm of
possibility for me,
I will get it for her.
I will do it for her.
I will make it my business,
to bless her
with anything I possibly can.”
And he said
“I just had this phrase,
I decided in my marriage,
what Linda wants, Linda gets.”
And when I heard
that pastor say that,
I thought the same thing
I had just gotten married
not long before that,
and I thought about my wife Jan.
I thought, she loves God
with all her heart,
she loves people
and God wants to bless her.
I made this decision.
If it is physically possible
for me to do it,
anything Jan wants, Jan gets.
We have lived that way
in our marriage
for 38 years
If Jan were here to talk to you,
I don’t know if she would say
I’ve been all that successful at it.
But I want to tell you,
that is absolutely
the determination of my heart.
What Jan wants, Jan gets.
if it is within the realm of possibility
I will do it for her. Why?
Because I want to bless her.
I want to love her.
I want to allow God
to flow His love
through me to her.
I encourage you to think today.
Who is your neighbor?
Who has God called you to love?
Sometimes it’s someone
who’s not very lovable
Most of the time it’s someone
who doesn’t deserve love.
Grace means, loving somebody
that doesn’t really
deserve to be loved.
I encourage you to consider,
who is it that God really would like
me to bless today?
How about your own husband or wife
if you’re married,
or your children
your boss at work, other co-workers.
Who is it that God wants
you to bless today?
Let’s just pray and ask the Lord.
Would you ask Him with me?
Father who is it in my life,
that is my neighbor,
that you want me
to bless today?
Who is it God that you want me
to pour out blessing on?
Would you just speak to me?
now just listen to Him
And Father I just determine
today, I will bless that one
that you brought to my mind,
especially today.
And Lord I pray that,
you would empower me
to make it my business
to bless my marriage partner.
To bless my family.
To bless those close to me
with your love
to honor those around me
in the mighty name
of Yeshua Ha Mashiach


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