Philippians 2:3-4

Am I a Flea or a Battery


Philippians 2:3-4

Do nothing from selfishness
or empty conceit,
but with humility of mind
regard one another as more
important than yourselves;
do not merely lookout
for your own personal interests,
but also for the
interests of others.
Most people have great difficulty
putting other people
ahead of themselves,
making others more important,
and a lot of people have great difficulty
to consider the interests of others,
ahead of themselves.
I just want to give you
a marriage example today.
before I got married,
I recognized I was like a flea,
and I discovered that
most people are like a flea,
before they get married.
Do you know what a flea is?
It’s a parasite.
It’s a little animal looking
for a great big dog
that it can ride on,
and if the dog is big enough,
it can just draw the life out of the dog,
and the dog doesn’t even miss the life.
I found that
many many young people,
before they marry,
are actually like fleas.
Looking for a large dog.
I’m using that word dog,
of course in a different way
that we normally do.
But what I mean is,
somebody who looks good to me,
someone who makes
me feel so good
when I’m around them.
So a young man for example
finds the beautiful princess.
She’s so wonderful,
she’s so beautiful.
I love spending time with her.
It’s just great to be around her.
She makes me feel
like I want to protect her,
like I just want to do
everything I can for her.
And of course she believes
she’s found prince charming.
The man who would
throw his coat in the mud for her.
The man who would die for her.
The man who understands her.
Who listens to her
who is so kind, so wonderful.
The wonderful prince charming.
many times the two
of these get married,
only to wake up
a week or two later,
and she discovers when
she wakes up in the morning
Where is prince charming?
He’s not here!
I now find I’m living with the beast.
And he wakes up and says,
where’s the princess?
I now find I’m living with
the wicked witch of the west.
What happened?
Where’s the prince?
Where’s the princess?
Do you know
what actually happened?
There was no prince,
there was no princess.
Fact is, there was just two fleas,
and each flea thought
the other was a dog.
He thought she could
just provide him
everything he needed in life
emotionally, physically
in all these areas
She thought the same.
So both of them just thought,
hey, this other one will
meet all my needs,
and in truth,
after they get married,
they find there is no dog,
there’s just two fleas,
both trying to suck
the life out of each other.
That is the opposite of
Philippians 2:3-4.
Do you know how you change that?
Decide to become
a rechargeable battery.
Think about this.
I have a cell phone here,
this cell phone has a battery in it.
When does the battery
turn around and
say to the cell phone
“hey listen cell phone
I’ve been giving out
a lot of life here recently.
I want to know when
am I going to get some back?
The battery never
says that to the cell phone.
That’s not it’s function.
Its only function
is to give life,
give power, give energy
to the cell phone.
But it runs out of life,
it runs out of power.
What does the battery do
when it runs out of power?
It goes back to the re-charger.
Who’s the re-charger?
Well in our lives
the re-charger is God.
We need to plug back in
to Yeshua Ha Mashiach,
Jesus the Messiah,
and receive His life,
receive His power
coming to me.
If I plug into Him as the re-charger
I receive His life.
Now I can turn
and give to my wife.
What if she’s doing
the same thing?
There’s a synergy
of life and power,
coming from God
to both people,
and that life and power
is meshing together
and multiplying.
That’s why one puts
a thousand to flight,
and two put
ten thousand to flight.
because there’s a synergy
and a multiplication
when you have two re-chargable
batteries engaged with each other.
As opposed to two fleas,
who suck the life out of each other.
This is not only true about marriage.
This is true about every
relationship you have.
The same thing could be true
about relationship,
with your children,
with your parents,
with friendships
with other people.
Are you a flea,
or are you a battery?
A battery is one
who considers other people
more important than himself,
and who considers
the interests of others first.
Become a re-chargeable
battery today.
Who does God want
to use you to bless?
Toward what person
have you been a flea recently?
Ask God to show you
where the re-charger is.
Plug you into Him,
and make you
His re-chargeable battery.
Let’s pray.
Father I pray for my brother,
my sister listening today,
that today you’d transform
each one of us,
into a re-chargeable battery.
Filled with your life,
filled with your power,
and putting out life and power
to those around us
that we could truly
convey Your love
Your life, Your power
to those around us.
In the mighty name of Yeshua,


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