Leviticus 23:4

What are the 7 Appointments of the Lord?


Leviticus 23:4
‘These are the appointed
times of the LORD,
Holy convocations
which you shall proclaim
at the times appointed for them.
The word appointed times,
it’s the word Moadim in Hebrew.
Sometimes it’s translated
feast in English,
but feast is really
not a good word.
that implies a lot of food
or big banquet table
this really isn’t
necessarily about food,
although it usually is.
Celebrations usually include food.
But what it really is,
it’s an appointment,
that’s the best word
It says “These are the
appointments of the LORD.”
A lot of people think
these are just Jewish things.
They’re actually not Jewish.
It said right there, we just read it
These are appointments of the LORD.”
These are times
when the LORD has said,
these are my festivals,
these are my celebrations,
these are times when
I will show up I’ll be there.
Would you like to come
and spend time with me?
Of course they were
implemented in Israel.
But I don’t believe
they were unique to Israel.
They’re meant for all of us.
Anybody who would like
to come and worship,
and spend time with
the LORD at that time.
Let me just tell you when
the seven feasts are.
I’m just going to
read them to you.
The Passover which is
resurrection of Messiah.
It was connected to the
pagan celebration of Ishtar,
the goddess Ishtar.
Which is why we
frequently call it Easter.
But originally it was Passover.
Then the second one is,
the feast of unleavened bread.
Then first fruits.
Next is Shavuot,
or we call that also Pentecost.
The next, the feast of trumpets
it’s called Yom Teruah,
also Rosh Hashanah.
Then the day of atonement,
which is called Yom Kippur,
and then Sukkot
which is also known as
the feast of tabernacles.
The first three happen
in the springtime
usually in March or April.
Shavuot is usually late May or June,
and then the last three happen
here in North America,
in our fall time
September, October, type of dates
These are God’s
times of celebration.
I encourage you to
study in the word,
what these celebrations are about.
I encourage you get more
information on the Moadim.
The festivals, the celebration times.
I believe that honestly,
there is a special anointing
of the Holy Spirit,
that comes at those
very specific times.
They’re times of celebration.
Every single one of these,
that we see listed
in Leviticus 23,
were actually fulfilled,
or are yet in the process
of being fulfilled in Messiah.
Obviously for example,
the Passover was fulfilled
in the resurrection of Messiah.
His resurrection
fulfills the Passover.
We have feast of
Tabernacles is fulfilled
in the birth of Messiah.
When He came to earth
to tabernacle amongst us.
so today, let’s celebrate
the spirit of God
being on the earth with us
let’s celebrate today that
Jesus is raised from the dead,
He released the Holy Spirit,
and today we’re going to celebrate
His presence with us
everywhere we go.
in every place,
in your workplace,
everywhere you go today,
the Holy Spirit
is walking with you.
And we get to
celebrate life with Him.
So remember,
everywhere you go today,
walk in His presence.
Love God with all your heart,
bless other people around you,
and you will make a difference!


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