Leviticus 23:44

Why Don’t Most Christians Celebrate the 7 Feasts Today?


Leviticus 23:44 so Moses declared to the sons of Israel the appointed times of Yahweh or the appointed times of the LORD so we read in Leviticus 23 about 7 appointments that God has made with man we have the opportunity to spend time with Him to celebrate in each one of those times let me just read you what they are again passover unleavened bread first fruits Shavuot, which is also known as Pentecost trumpets which is known as Yom Teruah or Rosh Hashanah the day of atonement known as Yom Kippur and Sukkot or the feast of tabernacles these are the seven appointed times of the LORD why is it that most Christians today don’t celebrate these times we have a lot of different holidays but not these holidays these are the ones that are the Biblical ones these are the ones that God said I will show up on these times I have a standing appointment at these times if you’d like to come meet with me I will be there, why is that? before 321 A.D by in large all the followers of Jesus the Messiah celebrated these festivals celebrated these appointed times but what happened was in 321 A.D Constantine who was the Emperor of Rome allegedly became a Christian I don’t know whether he really did or not whether he really gave his heart to the LORD or it was just a political move but what happened was He stopped persecuting and killing Christians actually made it the state religion and what he did, that most people don’t realize is Constantine’s synchronized Roman paganism with serving Jesus the Messiah and linked them up together for example before that time the resurrection of Jesus was always celebrated on the festival of Passover one of these Moadim listed in Leviticus 23 and it was an absolute linkage and connection between the celebration of Passover and the resurrection of Messiah which was the fulfillment of Passover Constantine was an antisemite he hated Jewish people he wanted to disconnect anything Jewish anything Hebrew from the religion that he established that he functioned in so you know what He did he simply disconnected the resurrection of Messiah from the festival or the feast of Passover which it was God had connected it to and Constantine connected it to the pagan fertility festival worshiping the goddess the Babylonian goddess Ishtar and we still use that in our English language to this day, Easter just think about this what does the word Easter have to do with the resurrection of Jesus the Messiah and the answer is absolutely nothing where is Easter in the Bible the answer is it’s not it’s a human synchronization of pagan Roman paganism with worship of Jesus the Messiah and that’s where we get rabbits bunnies, rabbits and eggs what are those fertility festival symbols they came from Roman paganism you don’t find that in the Bible but yet many many people have actually Easter egg hunts just think about that worship to the pagan goddess Babylonian goddess Ishtar where we invite children to look around for eggs fertility symbols of a pagan ceremony and somehow this is linked to the resurrection of Jesus the Messiah It’s interesting Luther came along reformed the theology but never reformed the structure and the pagan traditions introduced by Constantine many of the things actually that are yet in our so called Christian culture today are absolutely not from the Bible they come from Roman paganism the synchronization of the pagan society in which Constantine lived into which the church was introduced when he became a Christian and it remains to this day what should we do about it I just encourage you to pray ask God what does He want you to do about it but here’s what I would encourage you to do why not study out the Biblical festivals why not begin to worship and celebrate the appointed times that God said these are my festivals Constantine introduced into the church his festivals which are synchronized they’re just hooked up together why not reconnect for example the resurrection of Messiah with the festival of Passover instead of the Babylonian worship of the goddess Ishtar which we call Easter let’s just go back to Bible things let’s find out what’s in the Bible and let’s eliminate all the things that are non Biblical even though they’re cultural for us I know that’s a hard word it’s difficult for people but what I encourage you to do today just ask God LORD what do you want me to do how do you want me to understand your Moadim your appointed times so that I can worship you at the times that you declared you like to be worshiped so today as you go through your life make today a celebration of worship of the resurrection of Messiah He’s with you today He’s walking with you in every area of your life today remember as you go through your day love God with all your heart bless other people and you will make a difference


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