Leviticus 18:1-5

How to Prosper in Life


Leviticus 18:1-5
Then the LORD
spoke to Moses, saying,
“speak to the sons of Israel
and say to them
‘I am the LORD your God.
‘You shall not do what is done
in the land of Egypt
where you lived,
nor are you to do
what is done
in the land of Canaan
where I am bringing you;
you shall not walk in their statutes.
‘You are to perform
My judgments
and keep My statutes,
to live in accord with them;
I am the LORD your God.
‘So you shall keep My statutes
and My judgments,
by which a man may live
if he does them;
I am the LORD…”
We’re talking today,
Shabbat Shalom by the way.
We’re talking today about statutes.
Principles that are in Torah
in the teaching
in the understanding
that God gave His people Israel.
God’s ways are different
than man’s ways.
They’re not just
a revamped way,
of the way, that people
who don’t know the Lord, walk.
There’s a scripture
in Peter that says,
‘We are a peculiar people’,
and that is what
we’re talking about today.
We really are
a peculiar people.
Those who are born again,
those who have
given their lives to
Jesus the Messiah
are a peculiar people.
I remember when
I met the Lord in 1972,
what was life changing for me,
was when I met people,
that I realized had dedicated
100% of their lives to the Lord.
I knew people that said
they were Christians,
but they had just
invited the Lord
to sort of be
a part of their life,
but these people
that I met at college,
they were people
who had dedicated
100% of their lives to the Lord.
They were completely different.
They just did things differently.
They spoke differently,
they thought differently.
I thought “how can that be?
What’s the difference?”
What I realized is,
they were people
who had made a decision,
“100% of my life belongs to the Lord,
and He gets to do with me,
what ever He wants
to do with me.
I will walk in His statutes”,
and that’s what God is
instructing Israel here.
He’s saying ‘when you come
into the land of Canaan,
you’re going to find people
that are not like you,
that do things in ways
that are not right,
that are destructive,
that are harmful.
We live in a society today,
that thinks that
black is white.
That wrong is right.
Things that the
Bible clearly says;
‘this is destructive this is harmful’
and people say,
“oh no, I don’t see any harm in that”.
The whole rest of this chapter,
of Leviticus 18,
is talking about
moral precepts, moral statutes.
To make it real simple,
who you’re supposed to
have sex with
and who you’re not
supposed to have sex with;
and to make that real simple,
what it’s talking about,
this moral principle is,
sexual relationship
is meant to be
conducted within
the covenant of marriage
between a man and a woman
and only in that context.
There are reasons why that is.
Reasons why that works well.
Why that benefits people
why that benefits society,
and yet people are saying,
“I don’t see what’s
wrong with this”.
“I don’t see what’s
wrong with that”.
The whole point is,
that’s exactly right.
You don’t see.
That’s why God
wrote principles down
in Torah,
in His word,
so that we would understand,
these are things that
actually cause life to work.
When you violate them,
you cause yourself and
others around you a lot of pain.
When you go with them,
it causes your life to prosper.
This is really
an instruction manual
it’s like an owners manual
for your car.
You don’t have to
change the oil at each time
it says you should,
in the owner’s manual,
but if you don’t,
it’s going to damage
and destroy the car.
If you follow
the owner’s manual,
your life is benefited
a whole lot more.
and that’s exactly
what Yahweh is saying
to the people of Israel here.
These are principles
that actually work.
Please follow them
for your benefit.
What we’re really
talking about today is,
how to prosper and
be blessed in life.
How do you do it?
Follow the
principles laid out,
in the owner’s manual.
God Bless you,
have a wonderful
day of rest
Shabbat Shalom


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