Matthew 20:25-28

How To Be Great in the Kingdom of God


Matthew 20:25-28
But Jesus called them
to Himself and said,
“You know that the
rulers of the Gentiles
lord it over them,
and those who are great
exercise authority over them.
“yet it shall not
be so among you
but whoever desires
to become great among you
let him be your servant,
and whoever desires to be
first among you,
let him be your slave;
just as the Son of Man
did not come to be served,
but to serve,
and to give His life
a ransom for many.”
This is talking about,
how to be great
in the Kingdom of God.
Do you know,
the principle applies to any area?
How to be great in a church.
How to be great in business.
How to be great in any society.
The way that you do it,
is serve people
Jesus said here,
‘whoever serves the most people,
becomes the greatest’
so if you want to
build a great church
What do you do?
Find a way to
serve more people.
If you want to build
a great business,
find a way to
serve more people.
If your motive is to
make money in business.
How do you make more money?
Serve more people.
Do you know who
makes the most money?
the one who has
learned how to serve
the most people.
What’s difficult to
understand sometimes is,
that means,
you have to learn
how to lead
and how to delegate
and how to train other people;
because there’s only
a limited number of people,
that one person can serve.
So how do you
serve more people?
You’re going to have to
learn to train others,
to do the same thing
that you do.
Release them into the work,
and you work less,
and lead more.
Think about this;
who is the greatest
Catholic Nun
that served the
poorest of the poor,
that is known worldwide?
Who’s the name
that everybody knows?
Of course the name that
comes to anybody’s mind
is Mother Theresa.
Why is she
the greatest one,
or why is she the one
that’s so well known?
Were there no other
Catholic nuns in India
ministering to poor people?
The answer is, of course.
there are many many
other missionaries in India,
that are ministering
to poor people.
but why is Mother Theresa
so well known?
The answer is,
she served more people
than anybody else.
How did she do that?
She had to learn
to multiply leaders.
She had to learn to not,
just do the work
that one person could do,
but to train others
to do her work,
and then train leaders
of leaders of leaders.
I think as I recall, at the time
that she passed away,
she had 623 different
missions around the world
that were serving
millions of people everyday.
I think that’s one
of the reasons
that she’s most well known.
She was great
in the Kingdom of God,
here on earth
because, she found a way
to learn how to lead.
to learn how to multiply,
to learn how to
serve more people.
So if you want
to be great
in whatever endeavor
God has called you to,
whether it’s church,
or ministry or business
or ministry
within your business.
Whatever it is,
the way that you’re
going to be great,
the way that you’re
going to increase
the way that you’re
going to grow,
is to learn to
serve more people.
So that’s what I’d like to
pray for you today.
Father I pray for my brother,
for my sister,
that today would be your day,
to ask God
how to serve more people.
I release an anointing
on your life today,
to be able to
serve more people,
to find needs,
to meet them
to bless people,
to serve people.
I bless you this day,
as you go through your life.
That you will be a servant.
That you will find
people to serve.
That you will bless them
in amazing ways.
Not only physically
but spiritually, emotionally.
That God will fill your mouth,
with kind comments
toward people
that you come
in contact today.
That you will serve them
with kindness
and that you will bless them.
I release an anointing
in your life to do that today
in the mighty name of
Yeshua Ha Mashiach,
Jesus the Messiah,
and remember a simple thing,
that I like to say all the time.
Love God with all your heart,
bless people and you will
make a difference


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