2 Timothy 2:2

To Multiply, Who should You Train?


2 Timothy 2:2
tells us this
The things which
you have heard from me
in the presence
of many witnesses,
entrust these to faithful men
who will be able
to teach others also.
This is a powerful principle
of multiplication.
We’re talking about
a little series here
for just a few days.
How do I multiply?
How do I become great
in the Kingdom of God?
How do I multiply my business?
How do I multiply ministry”
How do I sow into
the lives of other people?
The first thing is,
you’re going to be a servant,
and then what
you’re going to do is,
multiply into the lives
of other people
who have a servant heart.
What would be the
qualifications of people
I would look for to multiply?
Paul is talking here about,
multiplying the gospel.
He’s teaching Timothy,
and he’s saying, Timothy
there are two qualifications
of people you should look for.
Look for people who are faithful,
and the second qualification is,
people who know how to multiply.
People who can take
what I’ve taught you,
and you teach them,
and they teach others,
who are also
able to teach others.
So we’re talking about at least
4 generations of multiplication.
Who are the people that we
pour time and energy into?
who are the people
that we need
to grow a business
to expand the gospel?
Who are the people that we
need to multiply anything?
People who have
2 qualifications,
people who are faithful,
and people who
know how to multiply.
Many years ago
when I pastored a church
I poured a lot of
time and energy,
into some people
that were faithful.
They were loyal,
they loved God,
but they didn’t know
how to multiply,
and because of that,
their cell groups didn’t grow.
Our church didn’t grow and I
discovered I was a person like that.
I was faithful,
but I did not know
how to multiply, I had to learn.
How do you multiply?
that’s what we’re really
talking about this week,
is, how do we multiply?
So the first thing is,
find people
who are servants,
have a servant heart yourself.
Then find people
who are faithful,
who are loyal,
who are trustworthy.
When you entrust them
with something, you can be confident
that they will do, what
you’ve asked them to do.
The next thing is,
people who can multiply.
So the question would be,
how on earth do I
find people who are faithful,
and who know
how to multiply?
we’re going to cover that
in the next little devotional
Today, the question is,
God who have you called me
to work with that’s faithful?
Have I been pouring
a lot of time and energy
into someone
who’s not faithful,
who doesn’t do
what they’re asked?
Or have I been pouring
a lot of time and energy
into somebody
who might be faithful,
but they don’t
know how to multiply.
The question is God,
who are those that you’ve sent
into my life,
who are faithful,
who know how to multiply
and I should be pouring
time and energy into those people.
God send me those people.
So I’d like to
pray for you today.
I pray for you
in the mighty name of Yeshua,
that He will bring
people into your life,
that are faithful and know how to multiply
that God will
send into your life
people that you will
be able to disciple,
you’ll be able to mentor,
you’ll be able to train,
in spiritual things,
in business things.
Everyone of us are called
to multiply spiritual things.
I pray for you
that, God your Father
will bring people
who are faithful,
and know how to multiply.
Father I pray right now
in the mighty name of Yeshua,
that you would bring to
every one of our minds,
who are key people,
that we would begin
to focus on and concentrate,
to bless, to multiply, and to pour into,
in the name of Yeshua,


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