Luke 19:12-13

How To Find Those Who Are Faithful and Can Multiply


Luke 19:12-13
so He said,
A nobleman went
to a distant country
to receive a
kingdom for himself,
and then return.
And he called ten of his slaves,
and gave them ten minas
and said to them,
‘Do business with this
until I come back.’
We’ve been talking about,
how to multiply anything
multiply a business,
multiply a church,
multiply spiritual
sons and daughters,
and we said, you first of all
want to be a servant.
You want to identify those
who have a servant heart,
and have two qualifications.
They’re faithful,
and they can multiply.
How do you find people
who are faithful and can multiply?
These verses in Luke 19
give the key.
Here, a master
went on a journey,
and he gave
10 of his servants
an opportunity
to do business.
He gave them 10 minas
pardon me,
he gave them one mina
a mina is about
100 days wages.
So whatever 100 days
wages would be,
it could be quite a
large sum of money.
He gave them
each that amount,
and he said “do business
with this until I come back”.
What I learned was this,
the way that you find those
that are faithful and multiply,
give everybody an opportunity,
give them what I call a mina.
Many years ago I was building
a network marketing business,
and the way that we did that,
we had CDs that explained
what the business was.
You don’t know how many CDs
I gave away to people
and they never gave them back,
and never listened to them.
You know why that is?
Because, I never had
an accountability date,
and that was a
key that I learned.
This master said
to his servants,
he said “do business with this,
but I will come back
and there will be a day of reckoning
and I want to find out
what you did with that”.
I found out, in order to
find out if somebody’s faithful,
you’re going to have to
call them to account.
So you give everybody a mina,
and you give them a date
when you’re going to
come back and check,
and some people
are interested
some people will
build with the mina.
they’ll do something,
other people won’t.
What is a mina?
A mina is just an opportunity
to engage with you in whatever
it is that you’re building.
In your business,
in your church,
in your ministry,
whatever it is.
A mina is giving
somebody a CD.
A mina is inviting somebody
to come to a meeting.
A mina is inviting somebody
to hear a presentation
about something,
and everybody
has an opportunity.
How are you going
to know who’s faithful?
First, the faithful ones
are the ones who show up.
The faithful ones are
the ones who do
what you ask
them to do.
But then there’s a
second qualification
you want to find out
who is able to multiply
because that’s how
you grow anything
you’re going to have
to have people who are faithful
and know how to multiply.
Yeshua tells this parable,
about this master
and he went away
and he gave 10 of his servants,
I would put it this way,
give everybody a chance.
Give everybody an opportunity,
but don’t judge
based on what they say,
but by what they do.
Wait to see
what they’re going to do.
We’ll look in the next time
at what happened
when the master returned,
and what these men said,
and he was able to identify
who was faithful,
who was a multiplier,
and who had a servant’s heart,
and other people didn’t.
So what is God
speaking to you today?
Who are people that
you can give a mina test to?
Or let me reverse it.
Are there those in your life,
a boss, a pastor,
someone who gave
you an opportunity,
and you squandered it,
you buried it,
you didn’t exercise it,
you turned out
not to demonstrate
faithfulness or multiplication.
Maybe it wasn’t something
you were called to
but if it’s something
that you were called to,
how do you qualify yourself?
Be faithful and
learn to multiply.
So let’s pray.
Father who are you
speaking to us about today
that we need to pour into?
Lord who are people that
we should give mina tests to?
In our business? In our ministry?
In our family ?
to find out, who we’re going
to give more responsibility to.
because they demonstrate
to be faithful, and they can multiply.
So God, who are you
speaking to me about?
Just take a moment and listen.
We’re His sheep,
we can hear His voice.
Father who are you
speaking to me about today?
Lord I thank you for
each person that you’ve called,
to pour into the
lives of others,
and you’ve brought ones
that we’re to give a mina test to,
to see how they do, if they’re faithful
and if they can multiply.
Father thank you for
each person today
lead us during this day to those
who are faithful and can multiply.
In the name of Yeshua,


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