Luke 19:12-21

Who Do I Invest In for Expansion?


Luke 19:12-21
so He said,
“A nobleman went
to a distant country
to receive a kingdom
for himself, and then return.
“And he called ten of his slaves
and gave them ten minas
and said to them, ‘do business
with this until I come back.’
“But his citizens hated him
and sent a delegation
after him, saying,
‘We do not want
this man to reign over us.’
“When he returned,
after receiving the kingdom,
he ordered that these slaves,
to whom he had given the money,
be called to him
so that he might know
what business they had done.
“The first appeared, saying,
‘Master your mina has
made ten minas more.’
“And he said to him,
‘Well done, good slave,
because you have been
faithful in a very little thing,
you are to be in
authority over ten cities.’
“The second came, saying,
‘Your mina, master,
has made five minas.’
“And he said to him also,
‘And you are
to be over five cities.’
“Another came, saying,
‘Master, here is your mina,
which I kept put away
in a handkerchief;
for I was afraid of you,
because you are
an exacting man;
you take up what
you did not lay down
and reap what
you did not sow.’
We’re talking about,
how do I find
people who have a servant heart
who are faithful, who can multiply?
The first step is,
give everybody a mina test.
So this master gave ten
of his servants a mina test.
Gave them each
a unit of money,
said, “Do business with
this until I return.”
He wasn’t actually interested
in how much they made for him,
but they thought
that the goal,
the servants thought,
“This master doesn’t care about us,
we’re told to go
do business with his money,
but he gets all the profit.
we get nothing,
he’s just trying to
make money off of us.
He doesn’t
care about us.
We don’t want this man
to reign over us.”
So all the people
that said that,
are not the ones
who have a servant heart.
Those are the people whose heart
is for themselves,
not those who want to serve.
Then a very interesting thing is,
the day of accountability came.
When the master
returned and said,
“Tell me what you’ve
done with your mina?”
And of course we know,
the first principle,
is very interesting is,
only 3 out of the 10
even showed up to the meeting.
What happened to the other 7?
They didn’t even show up,
to come back to the meeting.
I find that is true, many times.
As a pastor, I would invite people
to a meeting about a particular thing,
lots of people
said they would come,
but not nearly as many people
actually came to the meeting,
as the ones who
said they would.
He already sifted through,
to find out who has
servant hearts, and who’s faithful.
Those are the ones
who did something with the mina,
and came to the meeting.
At least 3 people came to the meeting.
He found out that 2 of them,
were not only faithful,
they were multipliers,
and that was the goal, because,
the master wasn’t
trying to make money,
he was trying to qualify his servants,
to find out who to work with,
to put in governorship,
over entire cities.
How much is a city worth?
Trillions of dollars I’m sure.
He gave the first one, 10 cities
I’m sure when he said that,
probably the jaws
of all the other people dropped,
and they said,
“well if we would have known
cities were at stake,
you were going to
give out cities,
I would have tried harder.”
and the master said
“I know, that’s why I didn’t tell you,
I wanted to find out
where your heart was.
I wanted to know
what you would do,
when you didn’t know
what was at stake.
I wanted to find out
who was faithful,
and who could multiply.”
So he found out the first one,
multiplied 10 to 1.
He said, “That’s a man
I can work with.
He has a servant heart,
he was faithful,
he came to the meeting,
he gave account
for what he had done.
He had a good attitude,
and he figured out, how to multiply.
I’m going to work with him.”
So one multiplied 10 to 1,
one multiplied 5 to 1.
This is how the master
discovered, who to work with.
If you want to
grow your business,
if you want to
grow a church,
if you want to
grow a ministry,
if you want to
grow any organization.
You’re going to
have to find people,
that have servant hearts,
those that are faithful,
and those that
learn how to multiply.
How do you do it?
With mina tests.
Give everybody a mina test,
have an accountability time,
and work with
those that are faithful,
have a servant heart,
and learn how to multiply.
So what happened
to the one who buried it?
What took place there?
We’re going to look at that,
in more detail the next time.
But for today, meditate on this,
God, who are people
in my life that are faithful,
that are servants,
that are accountable,
and that have learned
how to multiply?
Who are people
that you’ve given me?
God, what area am I
supposed to multiply in?
Am I supposed to multiply
spiritual sons and daughters?
Am I supposed to
multiply in a business?
Am I supposed to multiply
in a church, in a small group?
What have you
called me to multiply?
God is a God of multiplication.
The very first
command in the Bible,
This is a whole,
another teaching,
but we’ll talk about it briefly.
Genesis 1:28
God commanded man,
to be fruitful and multiply.
God is a multiplier,
we’re going to multiply.
In what area, has God
called you to multiply.
Let’s pray.
Father would you speak
to each one of us.
What is the area of multiplication,
we’re to focus on today?
Father, what do you
want me to multiply?
Is it through my children?
My business? A ministry?
What area am I to multiply?
Father would you speak to me?
I want to see multiplication,
and an increase
come to pass in my life.
In the mighty name of Yeshua,


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