Leviticus 19:1-4

What Does It Mean to Be “Holy?”


Leviticus 19:1-4 then the LORD spoke to Moses saying speak to all the congregation of the sons of Israel and say to them you shall be Holy for I the LORD your God am Holy everyone of you shall reverence his mother and his father and you shall keep my Sabbaths I am the LORD your God do not turn to idols or make for yourselves molten gods I am the LORD God we want to talk today about what does it mean to be Holy Shabbat Shalom you know on Shabbat it is a day to just set aside all the pressures I decided years ago that when I want to honor Shabbat and the Bible tells us we should honor the Sabbath day to keep it holy we should remember it what does it mean to honor it it simply means this it means I treat this day differently than all the other days so I do certain activities during 6 days on the 7th day it’s a day that’s dedicated set aside it actually is a day that’s Holy so here we just read where God said you shall be Holy when people use the word Holy you know what comes to most people’s mind they think very very very righteous very moral extremely high moral standard do you know that Holy has nothing to do with morality in the book of Deuteronomy there are cult prostitutes that are called Holy you say Holy how could that be Holy because Holy doesn’t have anything to do with a high moral standard or righteousness Holy actually means set aside, separated, dedicated so how could a cult prostitute be Holy you need to know Holy unto what what is the object the word Holy means nothing unless we have an object I can say Bill is Holy unto God or Bill is Holy unto the devil what does it mean in English the simplest understanding is dedicated it just means dedicated do you think there’s a difference between being dedicated to God or dedicated to the devil well of course so if I say Bill is dedicated it doesn’t mean anything I need to know to what to his work, to his wife to his family, to God to the devil, to money to himself what is he dedicated to that’s all Holy means it means dedicated God says you shall be Holy unto me for example to make the point suppose we had five telephone lines coming into an office four of them go to voice communication the fifth one goes to a fax line or a fax machine what do we say about that fifth line what kind of line is that it is dedicated dedicated to what dedicated to the fax machine what’s another word we could use for that the word is Holy this line is Holy unto the fax machine what’s the opposite then of Holy these four lines are common the opposite of Holy is common these four lines are common this is Holy what does it mean when you’re Holy it means that being fully dedicated there may be certain things that you don’t do that other people do, do why, because they’re immoral or because they’re wrong maybe, but maybe not it’s because of the dedication there are certain activities that I pursue with my wife that I do not pursue with other people why because that relationship is Holy she is Holy unto me other people are common there’s a dedication there for example an NFL quarterback here in the United States I don’t know of any NFL quarterback that goes sky diving regularly you know why they have a contract that says you can’t go sky diving, why because you might break your legs and then the team would be without a quarterback you’d be violating your contract you can’t do that, why because that quarterback is Holy unto the team He’s contracted to serve it doesn’t mean sky diving is necessarily wrong or evil it just means if he dedicates himself to an NFL football team he can’t go sky diving probably other things he can’t do as well, why because they could cause him harm and he wouldn’t be available to play so what does it mean we’re Holy unto the LORD it means you’re going to live a totally different lifestyle than many many other people there are going to be things that you don’t do because you love the LORD other people do, do them because they don’t have relationship with the LORD so what does it mean as a people we are Holy unto the LORD here’s what it means to make it real simple we have certain boundaries that we set in our lives that other people don’t have and other people have no reason to have those boundaries I realized when I first gave my life to the LORD Jesus that what that meant was there were going to be certain boundaries in my life that I was going to have to voluntarily set why because I wanted to be Holy unto Him not some high righteous moral standard, no, no it was meaning I’m 100% dedicated here’s what I determined in my life the day I gave my life to Him anything that displeases the LORD I don’t want to do anything that displeases the LORD I don’t want in my life anything that would offend Him why, because I love Him I don’t want those things in my life that’s what it means to be Holy it means to be dedicated set aside, set apart for the LORD today meditate on what area of your life has not been set aside dedicated to the LORD even just this day we call Shabbat what does it mean it’s a day that’s different what are the other 6 days common days we do all kinds of activities on those days on Shabbat what does it mean it’s a day that’s set aside dedicated unto the LORD that’s what Holy means honor the Sabbath day make it Holy you are to be Holy unto the LORD even as God himself is Holy God bless you have a wonderful Shabbat time of rest dedication to the LORD today God bless you


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