Proverbs 22:7

Do You Want To Be a Slave or a Master – It’s Your Choice!


Proverbs 22:7 tells us the rich rules over the poor and the borrower becomes the lender’s slave very simple principle but very very powerful most people don’t realize that here’s the first thing I want you to know whether you are rich or poor a master or a slave is a choice most people think it’s a circumstance poor people can’t help it people that are in slavery to debt can’t help it, yes they can who put a gun to your head and forced you to borrow money nobody forces anyone to borrow money we make a choice to borrow money here’s what I realized when you make a choice to borrow money you have made a choice to become the servant of a bank to become somebody’s slave you’ve authorized somebody to be your master one credit card company is so bold they tell you right up front in their name who they are master card if you sign up for that and take on debt they will be your master and you will be their slave or their servant a very interesting thing that many many people don’t realize there really is a choice I learned from Robert Kiosaki many many years ago and I know some people may like him or not like him a principle that he spoke that was absolutely true that I thought was powerful was this he said my definition of the poor is some one who spends 100% of their money doesn’t matter how much they make they might make $100,000 a month if they spend $100,000 a month spend all they have they will be poor not only that if they go to the bank and borrow money they will be a slave one day a young man walked into one of my meetings where I was speaking and he was wearing a t-shirt and it said on the t-shirt one master and because he was a believer in Jesus I assumed that the master he was talking about was Messiah Yeshua, Jesus indeed that was true and I thought to myself Proverbs 22:7 says when you borrow money you become a servant or a slave to the you borrowed from most of the people in my meeting today could not actually wear that shirt that t-shirt with integrity because they don’t have one master they have multiple masters they have master finance company master credit card company master mortgage company master car finance company all kinds of masters for most people if the Lord Himself walked into your house and asked you to use money in a particular way to give to a missions project for example most people couldn’t do it whether they wanted to or not for a very simple reason their cash flow is 100% tied up with creditors in other words all their monthly income is given over to their mortgage, their car payment their credit card payments various loans and debts that they have and they could not give as the Lord directed them if they wanted to because a very simple reason they’re not in control of their own finances many might be thinking you might be think today I wish I would have know that 20 years ago I already have a lot of debt what do I do here’s a wonderful thing and this is what I discovered in my life when you do natural things God does supernatural things when you do what you can do God does what you can not do when you focus on what you have and do with it what God directs you God will do, will provide you with what you do not have God is a miracle working God God is a multiplier and I just sense that there are many watching today debt is a crushing power in your life it’s strangling it keeps you up at night it causes strife and conflict in your marriage and with family members debt is just a huge force I want to pray for you right now Father in the mighty name of Yeshua I break the power of debt over every person watching me today I cancel that spirit that would strangle and suffocate and say you’ll be forever a slave that’s a lie I break the power of that lie in the name of Yeshua today and I declare over you as you do the natural God will do the supernatural and God will deliver you and you will not continue to be a slave you will not continue to be a person who uses 100% of his money but God will give you a plan and He will deliver you in the name of Yeshua


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