Matthew 18:33-35

Forgive From the Heart


Matthew 18:33-35 should you not also have had mercy on your fellow slave in the same way that I had mercy on you and his lord moved with anger handed him over to the torturers until he should repay all that was owed him my heavenly Father will also do the same to you if each of you does not forgive his brother from your heart the key is learning how to forgive from the heart have you ever tried to just forgive from the mind somebody who lies about you steals from you, hurts you and being the magnanimous mature godly person that you are you say I forgive him and the next time you see that person the anger is still there but God he got off scot free and I’m the one that’s still suffering and you realize I haven’t forgiven how do you forgive from the heart here’s the key that God showed me forgiveness toward another person is never an issue between you and that person it’s actually an issue between you and God what I mean by that is this if I was actually secure in who God says I am and what God says about my future then it doesn’t matter if that person stole from me because God can restore it doesn’t matter if that person lied about me because God can repair the damage done by that lie in other words whatever anybody does it really doesn’t matter if my trust is in God on the other hand if I’m in idolatry the reason I call it idolatry is if I’m trusting that person instead of trusting God in other words if I believe that person ruined my life that person hurt me so badly I will never recover then I’m actually giving that person authority to control my destiny to control my identity to control my future that person doesn’t love you enough to be granted that authority only God Almighty loves you enough only Yeshua Ha Mashiach died for you gave up His life and shed His blood He’s the only one that should be trusted with identity and destiny and your future so the real issue how do I forgive from the heart identify the area of my heart that is looking to that person as a source instead of looking to God take that person off the throne of your heart let God have that place that He alone is the only one that you really trust in then it’s easy to forgive then it’s easy to release that person so let’s just pray would you ask God this question God who have I been struggling to forgive who has it been hard to forgive just close your eyes and would you ask the Father this God what do you say about my future Father what do you say about what was taken from me the sin that that person sinned against me what do you say about my future and just listen and would you speak these words with me Father God that person that hurt me that person is not God forgive me for not trusting you LORD Father I forgive and you say the name of that person that hurt you LORD Jesus Yeshua I receive your blood in full payment of that person’s debt I declare today your blood is enough to pay for what they did and because of your blood I forgive would you say the name of that person I forgive ________ Amen


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