I John 1:9-10

How to Forgive Yourself


I John 1:9-10 if we confess our sins he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness if we say that we have not sinned we make Him a liar and His word is not in us so the Bible says when we confess our sins to Him when does He forgive us instantly He’s faithful and just to forgive us that moment the first moment you ask to be forgiven God forgives you I find many many people that struggle to forgive themselves I’ve had people say you don’t know what I did it’s so horrible it’s so awful every one of us have done horrible, awful things and the fact of the matter is there is no sin outside the blood of Yeshua what that means is if you say my sin was so terrible I could never forgive myself do you know what you’re really saying you’re saying the blood of Jesus the messiah is not effective to forgive my sin somehow His blood forgives everybody else sin but not my sin do you know what that really is that’s pride that’s saying somehow my sin is so grave, so deep that even the blood of the Messiah can’t pay for that and that is absolutely a lie I was ministering to one lady one time and I said let’s pray to let the blood of Jesus forgive your sin she said I can’t I said ok then let’s pray LORD Jesus your blood was not enough to forgive my sin she said I can’t say that I said that’s exactly what you are saying if you’re saying that you can’t forgive yourself then why are you treating yourself differently than you would treat anybody else and I’ve said to many people you’d be ashamed if you treated anybody else the way that you treat yourself think about that why should I treat myself so special and different because I blame myself and I hate myself for my own sin God doesn’t hate you God loves you God may hate the sin you committed but God always separates who you are from what you did so that He can hate what you did and still love you I sense that there are many who have struggled with forgiving yourself today is your day to forgive yourself today is your day to say the blood of Jesus the Messiah is enough it is enough to forgive anything I might have done and because He forgave me I am willing to agree with Him and I’m willing to forgive me would you just speak that I want to just lead you in a prayer if you’ve struggled to forgive yourself you already know the thoughts already coming to your mind what you did that was so horrible would you just speak these words with me Father God just speak it right with me Father God I cannot pay for what I did thank you that your son Jesus the Messiah did pay and I declare today His blood is enough I will no longer blame myself hate myself or condemn myself because the blood of Jesus paid for me and because of His blood today I choose to forgive myself and I say thank you LORD Jesus Yeshua for your blood I receive your blood cleanse me now from all iniquity all defilement all sin I receive your forgiveness today I forgive myself Amen


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