John 14:10

Living For Jesus, or Living In Jesus


John 14:10 do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me? the words that I say to you I do not speak on My own initiative but the Father abiding in Me does His works here’s an amazing thing Yeshua did not try to do the works of the Father He didn’t run around doing things and saying Father I want to do what you want me to do you know what it says He did He says I just abide in the Father and the Father in Me works His own works years ago when I read that I realized we’re not supposed to abide or we are suppose to abide in Him we’re not supposed to be trying to work His works we just abide in Him and He works his works through us and the Lord made this distinction for me between the preposition for and in are you living for Yeshua or are you living in Yeshua that’s a big difference living for Him means I’m trying to do all kinds of things you’ll burn out you’ll get exhausted if you do that trying to live for the Lord we’re never called to live for the Lord we were called to live in the Lord and when I’m abiding in Him He is simply flowing through me accomplishing His works He’s speaking His words through me I’m not trying and striving I’m just abiding in Him and He is working His works in me and through me much more of a place of rest in other words I might be doing the same things as somebody living for the Lord when I’m living in the Lord it might look the same on the external but on the internal one is coming from a place of rest the other is coming from a place of performance a place of striving a place of trying to do something for the Lord as opposed to I’m resting in the Lord and the Lord is accomplishing His business He’s accomplishing His ministry He’s speaking His words through me so the question is are you living for Him or are you living in Him today let’s not live for Him let’s abide in Him let’s pray Father I pray for each person watching today that you would identify the areas where we’ve been striving the areas where I’ve been living for You instead of living in You Father forgive me I don’t want to live for You I want to live in You I want to be in that place of rest that place of peace that You might work Your works through me just as Yeshua said He said the Father in Me works His own works Lord I want to be that person that just allows You to work Your works through me Father I commit my day to You today would You do that in me through me today Amen


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