John 14:15

If You Love Him, You Will Keep His Commandments


John 14:15 Yeshua said if you love me you will keep my commandments a revelation I got on this several years ago was this we’re not supposed to try to keep His commandments to prove that we love Him it’s just the opposite if you love Him it will not be possible for you to do anything other than keep His commandments I would put it this way how hard is it to get an apple tree to grow apples will an apple tree ever grow pears the answer is no you don’t have to beat or threaten an apple tree to get it to grow apples why because if it’s an apple tree it will grow apples here’s what He is saying if you love me you’re going to naturally keep my commandments you’re not going to have to try to most people reverse that and the devil gets people to focus on just the opposite which is a hyper performance orientation I don’t want to be found not loving Him so therefore I better keep all His commandments no that’s not what it’s saying what it’s saying is if you love Him you will keep His commandments I have never in all my married life committed adultery one time do you know why that is very simple I love my wife I love God that thought never came in my mind why because I love my wife if I love my wife I wouldn’t have the thought of committing adultery and that’s been true in my married life that’s just how it is there are many things I don’t waste a lot of time trying to resist the temptation to why because I love my family I love my wife I don’t use profanity do you know why I don’t use profanity not because I try real hard not to because I love God I know it would offend Him I know it would hurt the one that I love why would I ever do that it’s just not in my heart it’s not something I want to do that’s exactly what Yeshua is saying here if you love Me it’s going to be a natural outflow that you keep My commandments the focus is not on keeping the commandments the focus is on loving Him if you love Him you will keep His commandments that’s exactly what He said He’s not saying try to keep My commandments to prove that You love Me and if you don’t keep My commandments then that proves you don’t love Me no that’s not what He’s saying what He’s saying is if you love Me you will keep My commandments so what’s the focus loving God it’s really the first commandment Love God with all your heart all your soul all your mind all your strength when you do that of course you’re going to keep His commandments not because you’re striving and trying real hard because it’s a natural outworking so the question is this in what area are you striving to try to keep His commandments instead would you change your focus to love Him God would you just so invade my heart with Your love would you fill me with Your love that it would be impossible for me to do anything other than keep Your commandments because I love you let’s pray Father I pray for each one listening today that that would be our experience that we would be so in love with You so filled with Your love so experiencing Your love that there wouldn’t be anything in us that wants to do anything that would offend you that would wound you that would hurt you that would disappoint you Father I pray that You’d just fill us today with Your love and that would be our focus fill each one of us with Your love as we walk through our day today and we will keep Your commandments in the name of Yeshua Amen


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