John 14:29-31

The Ruler of This World Has Nothing In Me


John 14:29-31 now I have told you before it happens so that when it happens, you may believe I will not speak much more with you for the ruler of the world is coming and he has nothing in Me but so that the world may know that I love the Father I do exactly as the Father commanded Me get up, let us go from here it’s very interesting here Yeshua said the ruler of this world that’s speaking of satan is coming and he has nothing in Me what does it mean, he has nothing in Me what I believe is this the enemy deposits hooks as it were on the inside things that he can attach to that are compulsive things that draw us, things that pull us some people have a hook on the inside that draws them to pornography other people a hook that draws them to anger other people a hook that draws them to depression for example Yeshua said he looked all over the enemy the ruler of this world looked all over he found nothing in Me there’s nothing he can attach to nothing he can pull Me with that is true victory that is really what the Lord wants to do for every one of us is identify those hooks in us that the enemy is able to attach to and pull us toward something he usually deposits those through wounds through people that have hurt us people that have sinned against us or areas where we have sinned we have opened doors and hooks get deposited on the inside that the enemy can attach to and draw us and pull us in an area where there’s no hook you don’t have to have a law you don’t have to fight against it there’s no temptation let me give you a very simple example smoking cigarettes is no temptation for me I’ve never been a smoker never smoked in all my life and as a result of that there’s nothing in me that wants to smoke a cigarette do you know how much time I spend resisting the urge to smoke in any given year zero minutes, why there’s nothing in me that would want to do that there are other people that have been addicted to cigarettes and maybe they quit some years back but there’s still a hook in them there’s a temptation something pulling them and there is something still there what I’m saying is Yeshua came to this earth shed His blood not only to forgive us but to remove every one of those hooks many people for example struggle with anger we have a seminar called Overcoming Anger and the reason we didn’t call it Managing Anger the world talks about anger management we’re not talking about managing something we’re talking about removing the hook so there’s nothing in me that compels me in that direction anymore and I know some people say is that even possible absolutely we see it happen for people all the time in the seminars that we do in Family Foundations all over the world these hooks are removed and a person can then say in that area there is nothing in me the ruler of the world can come try to hook into wherever he can there’s nothing there that’s the goal so the question today is what hooks has the enemy established in your life what areas can you not say when the enemy comes he finds nothing in me what areas are there things that need to be dealt with and many of us I can hear somebody saying right now there’s so many I don’t know where to start the Lord just wants to identify one today one of those areas where there’s something in you and there’s a need for the Lord to invite the Lord to bring His grace to remove that hook and that’s what we want to deal with today so let’s pray Father I pray today for each one of us that you would identify the hooks the areas where we can’t say like Yeshua said the enemy came and found nothing in me Father would you identify where there is something in us and God I pray that you’d pour out your grace and begin to remove that hook Father that you would show us exactly what you want us to do what do you want me to do Lord is there a seminar I need to go to is there prayer I need to request from somebody do I need to open my heart and share with a small group that I’m struggling in this area Father what is it that you want me to do I pray that you’d speak clearly to me and that you would remove one by one every remaining hook in me so that I can say in the areas you’re speaking about the enemy can find nothing in me in that area thank you Father for your grace to do that in the name of Yeshua Amen


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