Galatians 6:7-8

You Can Sow To the Flesh, or Sow To the Spirit


Galatians 6:7-8 do not be deceived God is not mocked for whatever a man sows this he will also reap for the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life what I perceived is this at any moment in time it’s like there are 2 bags of seed you can reach into either one the bag of the flesh or the bag of the spirit and whichever seed you take and put into your mind that seed will grow, germinate produce thoughts and produce actions in the future and many people miss the sowing and reaping process here’s what I discovered there is a cycle that happens many many people struggle with a particular thing they vow I’ll never do this and a few weeks or months later they find themselves doing that very thing again they fail, they stumble they feel so guilty they did that thing again and then they start vowing I’ll never do it again and that never works let me tell you why that never works it’s because of this when the person sins when you sin when you do something you vowed not to do just take an example of going on a diet I’m not going to eat this thing and then you eat it you feel horrible about it you know what most people do is they take the seed from that fruit of sin and put it right back in their mind which then sets them up for the next cycle of doing the same thing again what I mean by that is you know where the opportunity to really break that cycle is after you failed rather than identifying yourself with that thing break the identification, why the seed is in the identification so let’s say you got angry and you yelled at somebody a family member and you wounded them and hurt them and now you feel terrible about it I’ll never do that again here’s what needs to happen true repentance is breaking the identification and throwing away the seed from the fruit of the anger what most people do is they just say God forgive me I’ll never do that again please help me with my anger you know what they’re doing right there they’re taking the seed from the anger that just happened and confessing with their own mouth I’m an angry person that’s just who I am I’ve always struggle with anger I’m just angry what you’re doing is actually taking the seed of that fruit sowing it right back into your mind identifying with it and setting yourself up for the next phase of the cycle which is to do it again how do you not do that this scripture says don’t be mocked you will reap exactly what you sow break the identification anger manifests, what do you do Father forgive me now I’m going to break the identification that was not not me that was sin rising up and manifesting through me I break the identification with it, why because I’m a new creation in Him Yeshua Ha Mashiach shed His blood to make me new I am a brand new creation in Him the truth is I am in Him I’m not angry in my spirit that is not who I am I refuse to identify with my flesh I identify with the truth of who I am in the spirit and I’m going to reach into the spirit seed bag and I’m going to take that seed and put it in my mind and I’m going to speak over myself the seed of the spirit which is I am a man of peace I am a man of gentleness I am a man of kindness that’s the truth of the character of Jesus Christ in me Yeshua Ha Mashiach what He shed His blood for that’s the truth of who I am and that’s what I identify with and that’s what I receive I’m going to take the seed of the spirit and sow that into my soul into my mind and emotions I’m not going to take the seed of the flesh and put it in there because I don’t want to reap the harvest from the flesh I want to reap the harvest from the spirit so what is God speaking to you about today what area of your life have you been sowing seed of the flesh right into your mind and got caught up in that cycle that goes round and round and round let’s just pray to break that right now Father I pray that you’d speak to each one of us what cycle have I been caught in where I am just taking seed of the flesh and putting it back in my soul time and time again Father forgive us forgive us for doing that Lord would you speak to me the truth how do you see me what is the truth about me what do you say to me now just listen to Him and probably some thoughts just came to your mind right now from the Holy spirit I am righteous I am a person of peace I am loving because that’s the truth of who He made you to be in your spirit man as a new creation God bless you


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