Matthew 11:28-30

How Bring Peace to Your Mind and Emotions


Matthew 11:28-30 come to Me all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest take My yoke upon you and learn from Me for I am meek and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls for My yoke is easy and My burden is light I run into so many people these days and their yoke is not easy their yoke is difficult and their burden is not light their burden is heavy so many people walk through life with a heavy burden burdened down with debt burdened down with difficulties in relationship with their children in their marriage, at work many people carry a heavy load of stress incredible times of stress in many many people’s lives this is the opposite of what Yeshua is talking about here He said if my yoke is on your neck your yoke will be easy and the burden will be light how on earth do we change from difficult and heavy to easy and light just think about those two words which one more describes your life easy and light or difficult and heavy He tells us the way that you get this yoke that’s easy and light is two qualities that He walks in these two qualities are meekness and humility of heart He says come and learn from Me if you will take these two qualities of being meek and humble the consequence is it will bring rest to your soul do you know what happens when rest comes to your soul your flesh shuts down it quits working it quits trying to bring a false comfort into your life what does meekness mean meekness is not the same as humility humility is a state of being humility is who you are meekness is what you do it’s a state of action when I read in my vines dictionary it said meekness is a fruit of power meekness is not weakness what meekness actually is is having great resource or power and voluntarily choosing to use a limited percentage of it so meekness a simple definition is this having margins in your life most people today have no margins in their time no margins in their money this is a very interesting concept if meekness means having margins it means I use my resource in humility pride is the opposite meekness is I have this much and I voluntarily only use this much I’ve got a margin here Yeshua was meek He said I can call tens of thousands of angels how many did he ever call none how much power did he use teenie tiny percentage of what was available, that’s meek meekness is having margins I have this much available I voluntarily choose to use this much what’s the opposite of that it is I have this much and I voluntarily choose to use this much where do I get the extra I have to borrow we have a word for that it’s called debt this was a huge revelation to me the opposite of meekness is debt if you want to have a yoke on your life where your yoke is heavy your yoke is difficult and your burden is heavy here’s how you do it become indebted in every area indebted in your time do you know people borrow time for example a husband says to his wife Honey we’re going to go on a holiday this weekend and an opportunity at work comes up he can’t get off or he says I’ve got to work they’re paying overtime and it’s double and he borrows the time back from his wife that he gave her that he said they would go on holiday he says it’s not stolen it’s just borrowed I’m going to give it to you next month we’ll go what happens if he doesn’t go the next month he’s deeper in debt in his relationship so he becomes in debt in his time he’s always late for everything because he’s double booked everything that’s not meekness in time that’s indebted in time indebted in money indebted in relationship making promises you can’t keep and the consequence of that is more and more and more stress comes to your life and your yoke becomes difficult and your burden becomes heavy want to know how to get out of that the way that you get out of that is embrace in your life meekness and humility begin to voluntarily establish some boundaries on your time some boundaries on your money don’t borrow time don’t borrow money walk in meekness establish margins in your time margins in your money margins in your relationship if you will do that have margins in your marriage margins with your children if you do that then what Yeshua guarantees is that your yoke will be easy and your burden will be light and you will find rest for your soul that’s my prayer for you today my prayer for you today is that you would have margins the question is in what areas of your life do you have no margins is it in your time in your physical health is it in your relationship with your wife or husband with your children relationships with other people no time for friendships do you have no recreation in your life do you have no margins in your money have you borrowed all your monthly income is consumed by paying debt this is a life with no meekness no margins it’s how many many people throughout the world live God spoke to me about that many years ago and it was difficult to begin to make choices to set margins in all those areas so I pray for you today that today is your day to begin to make decisions not every area of your life but start with one in what area of my life am I going to begin to establish some appropriate margins so that I’m not over extended over committed living a life of stress I pray for you today for an anointing of God’s grace to come upon you to establish appropriate boundaries and margins so that you can walk in meekness and humility and have the yoke of Yeshua upon you that’s it’s easy and your burden is light and there is rest in your soul on the inside God bless you


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