Matthew 7:13-14

Are You Walking Down Broadway?


Matthew 7:13-14 enter through the narrow gate for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction and there are many who enter through it for the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life and there are few who find it so here Yeshua is telling us there are supposed to be boundaries in our life He’s talking about a gate what is a gate a gate is something that limits space so when we set a gate we say this is the way you go through and out of limits out of bounds are outside here and here you know what I’m finding today is that many many people don’t want to have any limits on anything they want to live a boundary less life they want no limits on their sexual relationship they want to have sex with anybody they want to anytime they want to as many as they want to any gender they want to and people want no limits and Yeshua said when you live like that you will go in a way that leads to destruction it’s a broad path without appropriate limits people do the same thing with their food people refuse to limit their food consumption and they gain more weight more weight more weight next thing you know people are struggling with obesity with diabetes with all kinds of health problems because they refuse to go through the narrow gate regarding food regarding sexual relationship we have a massive problem globally these days with debt just too much debt everywhere why is that people refuse to limit their spending they refuse to let zero be zero so they spend all the money they have and then people absolutely want to borrow more and the boundary gets broader and broader and broader and we just read what happens the consequence of that lifestyle is it leads to destruction on the other hand going through the narrow gate means that we voluntarily set limits it means you don’t have to you could eat all kinds of food you could eat as much of it as you want to but the person that’s wise who takes a path that leads to life voluntarily sets limits on their food consumption and on the type of food that they eat that person sets limits on their sexual relationship that sexual relationship is determined by God in His word is to be between a man and a woman in a covenant relationship of marriage and that leads to life when people do it other than God’s way it leads to destruction this is what Yeshua is saying here and the same with money with many areas of life we could look at there is a broad gate and nobody will force you here’s the amazing thing nobody forces you to set limits on your life you choose what limits you set but what you need to understand is there absolutely are consequences to choices what that means is if you choose to live the broad gate lifestyle which means you have very few limits in your life you don’t want anybody telling you what to do that leads to destruction and what limits should we set how about the limits that are already set for us in the word of God God gave us limits and boundaries in our lives not to hinder us and stop us from enjoying life but to maximize our enjoyment of life and to give us an optimal lifestyle that’s why there are limits so my question would be what limits do you need to set in your life today are there some boundaries that are out of order are there some things you need to reign in and set some appropriate limits on your spending on your food consumption the way you deal with alcohol perhaps or other areas of life food consumption maybe I said that how you spend your money what area is God speaking to you to bring some boundaries so that you can go through the narrow gate that leads to life I’d like to just pray that for you today Father I pray for each one watching today that you would speak to us Father in what area of life do you want us to voluntarily set some limits LORD would you just speak to us today limits, boundaries what is the narrow gate Father what area of my life do I need to bring some boundaries and Father I pray for each one watching today I pray that your Holy Spirit would empower us with your grace to walk within the boundaries and the limits that you have given us in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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