Matthew 7:21-23

The Consequence of Living a Life Without Boundaries


Matthew 7:21-23 not everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter many will say to Me on that day Lord, Lord did we not prophesy in Your name and in Your name cast out demons and in Your name perform many miracles and then I will declare to them I never knew you depart from me you who practice lawlessness it’s an interesting thing because many times I hear people all concerned about legalism so worried that somebody’s going to judge somebody else you hear people say don’t judge me you’re legalistic but it’s interesting here Yeshua says that in that day on the day of judgement and in the last days the problem will not actually be legalism the problem will be lawlessness which is the opposite ditch truth is always like a road and on either side is a ditch one side is legalism and the other side is lawlessness so people that are judging other people condemning other people holding people to higher standard than they walk in themselves perhaps is legalism or what it literally means is seeking to be justified by fulfilling the works of the law and Yeshua says no, no in the last days that’s not going to be the problem the problem is going to be lawlessness what does that mean people who have no legitimate appropriate boundaries in their life it’s interesting because here He says people will come who have done miracles people who have incredible anointing on their life people He talks about right here that prophesy that cast out demons perform many miracles and yet they are lawless people what does that mean they’re people who have no legitimate boundaries in their life they’re people that do not operate under legitimate authority everyone of us are potentially subject to that every one of us are potentially subject to go outside of legitimate boundaries and become lawless which means we just do what we want we have no standards in our lives what is the appropriate standard we should have in our lives and I believe what’s critical in this time for us to understand is many people have all kinds of opinions of what the standard should be of sexual behavior for example what the standard should be of moral behavior of speaking truth, integrity those sorts of things but THE standard that we would accept is the Bible the word of God God went to the trouble to write down for us what are the standards that He expects in our lives these are the standards that we’re supposed to walk in I hear many times people define grace in such a way as to basically make it God’s permission to do wrong I don’t believe grace is God’s permission to do wrong grace is God’s empowerment to do right God’s empowerment to walk in His grace to accomplish His purpose for our lives Yeshua says there will be people in the last days that will be very shocked that will be surprised that will call Him LORD and in truth they haven’t allowed Him to be LORD at all what they’ve actually done is done what they wanted to do they’re actually walking in lawlessness another word I use for lawlessness is boundarylessness people who have no legitimate boundaries or boundaries that are totally different than the Bible regarding their moral integrity regarding their word regarding their sexual behavior regarding their marriage relationships people that have all kinds of boundaries that are very very loose compared to the boundaries that God give us in His word that lead to life remember those who walk through the narrow gate they walk in the way that leads to life those who walk through the broad gate which is boundarylessness leads to destruction in their own life and Yeshua said people will be surprised because they won’t realize that the problem in the last days is not legalism but the problem is lawlessness again the critical thing is not applying this to someone else saying I know another person they need to get this sorted out or my husband, my wife they’re lawless no, no, no, no, where you need to look is right here LORD are there areas of my life in which I’m lawless are there areas of my life where I justify, compromise or I justify areas in my life that I know, my conscience tells me are not right and yet I go ahead and pursue them anyway that would be the question today to ask God is there something you want me to adjust is there another boundary that you want me to set in my life or a boundary you’ve given me in your word that I need to make active and operative in my life today let’s just pray Father would you just show each one of us is there an area of life where we are boundaryless where I’m walking in lawlessness Father is there something that I need to change would you just speak to me show me today LORD I want to change anything that you want me to change would you make that your prayer today LORD I will change anything set a boundary in a different place anything that you want for me LORD I don’t want to be one of the lawless ones I want to be one of the ones that calls you LORD LORD and I’m found walking where you’ve called me to walk would you today just seek God about LORD what are the areas in my life and press into Him in that area remember today love God with all your heart bless people around you and you will make a difference


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