Hebrews 4:2

The Word Not Mixed With Faith Does Not Profit


For indeed we have had good news preached to us, just as they also, but the word they heard did not profit them because it was not united with faith in those who heard.

The Bible says that the word of God will always accomplish its purpose. God’s word goes forth, and it will not return to Him void without accomplishing its purpose. But you know what I found? It needs to be united with faith in the heart of a man or woman. Somebody who releases faith in that word releases the word to come to pass.

God has power on the earth. God’s power is primarily released through partnership with people. So when you grab hold of something God has said, and you unite it with faith, you release authority on the earth for God’s will to come to pass.

You can align yourself with God’s will or the devil’s will. Life is like an election. Satan will always vote against you, God will always vote for you, how you vote sways the election. And this particular thing that Hebrews 4:2 is actually talking about was back from Numbers 13 when the Israelite spies, 12 of them, went into the land of Canaan across the Jordan river to see whether it was a good land. And God had already told them, “I want you to go into the land, you will overcome. You’ll even meet giants there, but don’t worry about it because I will go before you like a consuming fire. And I will drive them out before you.”

The purpose of the spy trip was not to determine whether God’s word was true or not, not to determine whether they should go into the land or not it was just to get a plan, a strategy to see what was there, what they would encounter. But what happened is the ten of the spies were overwhelmed by looking at how well armed the men of the land were, how big they were. And they came back, and what’s amazing is Numbers 13 says they gave an evil report.

I read what they said in Number 13. All they did is they told what they saw with their eyes, what they heard with their ears, what they felt with their 5 senses, and God said it was an evil report. Why was it evil? What was evil about just saying what they saw, sort of telling it like it is, and the answer is because it was absolutely contrary to what God had already said.

So ten of them said, “we should not go up into the land because we are like grasshoppers in the sight of the people there. We’re tiny, they’re big, we’ll never win.” That was contrary to what God had already said, and the word that God gave them. “I will go before you like a consuming fire and drive them out” was not united with faith in their heart, and they didn’t go into the land. It cost them a lot of time, and they lost the next battle. They were delayed in accomplishing God’s purpose.

The opposite was David in the matter of Goliath. Saul didn’t have faith in his heart. God has said in Deuteronomy 9 “I’ll go before you. I’ll be like a consuming fire.” And Saul didn’t believe that. That word did him no good because it was not united with faith in his heart. David believed that word, went into the battle with the giant, and conquered him easily.

The question is, what battle are you facing today? Is it a battle with health? Is somebody in your family sick or struggling with a health challenge? Is it finances?

I just sense that somebody listening to me today, you have just a major battle today with finances. The circumstances look bleak, it looks like there’s something happening where it’s just closing in on you financially. God has already given you a word, and if you’ll unite faith in your heart with the word God has given you, you will see victory. Just like David did over Goliath

Father I pray for every person listening to me today, for the battle that you are walking through. I pray for you today that in your battle you would receive what God has said. Let it be united with faith in your heart that today. Would be a mighty day of breakthrough and victory for you in your very circumstance this day, in the mighty name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach.



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