Psalm 138:1-2

God Magnifies His Word Above His Name


Psalm 138:1-2 I will give You thanks with all my heart I will sing praises to You before the gods I will bow down toward Your holy temple and give thanks to Your name for Your loving kindness and Your truth for You have magnified Your word according to all Your name one other version says you have magnified your word above your name here’s an incredible thing God honors His word above His name do you know what’s in a name in Hebrew a name it typifies the character of the person who you are, your being is in your name and yet God almighty says He magnifies His word above His name I hear people say the silliest thing many times they say God moves in strange and mysterious ways no he doesn’t God moves 100% of the time exactly according to His word if you know what God said you will know exactly what God will do it’s not a mystery it’s a covenant God will do exactly what He said it’s interesting here it says in verse 2 you have magnified your word what does it mean to magnify the word I was just thinking about magnification you know what it means it means to make very very large in your sight to make very very big in your sight let me just give you an example if I hold my bible out here it’s covering maybe just a small percentage of the field of my vision I can see all around it but let me magnify my Bible how much of my field of vision is it covering now and the point is almost 100% what have I done? I magnified His word what does it mean take God’s word today the word that God has given you and make it very very large magnify it focus on that do you know what the enemy is always trying to get us to focus on his word, his circumstances what he says about your life what he says about your future what he says about your finances your family, your health the enemy is always trying to get us to magnify a negative circumstance one day many years ago when my oldest son Joshua was 15 years old we were on a ski vacation we came to the top of the ski hill and saw his name written on the ski patrol thing it said for us, his parents to go to find out and we obviously knew he had been hurt or something when we got to the ski patrol shack they told us he had had the most severe head injury that they had ever seen he had gone off a jump landed on his head this was before we were wearing helmets so he had gone off a jump on his snowboard landed on his head had a severe closed head injury when we got down to the bottom of the hospital where he was he was having a catscan and an MRI all kinds of things and he came out and the doctor said we’re going to have to fly him to Denver in an airlift he’s going to need neurosurgery we see two areas in his brain where it looks like there is some severe damage he’s going to need surgery Jan and I just, we were tempted to believe all these words of the doctor to let fear get in our hearts our son could die or our son could be paralyzed or he could be brain damaged for the rest of his life but God had given us a word about him that he would fulfill and accomplish all kinds of purposes in his adult destiny and we knew that that would not be possible for him to fulfill what God had spoken about him if he were paralyzed or if he were dead so we chose to believe what God had said and we chose to magnify God’s word in our sight instead of the word of the doctor to make a long story short Josh was miraculously healed when we actually got to the hospital in Denver and they did the scans again cat scan and MRI they were just shocked they said it’s hard to believe this is the same person but the neurosurgeon said he isn’t going to need any surgery he’s had a severe concussion but we can’t even find those areas of damage we saw on the scan from the hospital at the ski area so we don’t know what happened these closed head injuries are strange but what had happened was the blood of Yeshua Ha Mashiach that we had released by the authority of our words had brought healing to Joshua because we chose to believe God’s word we chose to unite our faith with what God had spoken about our son we chose to magnify His word instead of magnify the circumstance what circumstance are you in today what is God speaking to you what word has God given you about your family about your marriage what word has God given you about physical health about finances, about your destiny about your business what has God said to you I just encourage you chose to magnify God’s word today let that become very very large in your sight and all the cicumstances around you to become very very small remember as you go through life today love God with all your heart bless people around you and you will make a difference


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