Proverbs 6:23

Three Keys to Discipline


Proverbs 6:23 for the commandment is a lamp and the teaching is light and reproofs for discipline are the way of life God spoke this to me many many years ago regarding disciplining children but this is true regarding helping employees to fulfill their obligations and their responsibilities in the business or the same thing with church members God says there are three components to discipline that are critical number 1 He said a command if you don’t tell people what you expect of them obviously they aren’t going to know they can’t guess so you give them a clear command the second thing is a teaching explain to them, why it is you want them to do, what you want them to do and this third part, this third component of discipline is the part that most people miss especially with their children and that is it says reproof for life what that actually means is a consequence you determine in advance what the consequence is If you’ve determined in advance you can implement that consequence with a smile a lot of times people discipline in anger they take value away from their children yell at them and the reason is they haven’t determined in advance an appropriate consequence if you’ve determined an appropriate consequence then it’s very simple to love that child, honor the child bless the child while you implement the consequence so if you only do one if you only give a command and you never give a teaching or consequence you simply teach children to disobey your voice I remember we had a neighbor like that she would tell her children what she wanted them to do but never implement a consequence and the result was the children just totally disobeyed her voice she taught her children that her voice meant nothing when parents teach that to their children then children think the same thing about the word of God that it doesn’t mean anything if you only have a command and a consequence no teaching children never learn wisdom they don’t know why they should do what you’re asking them to do and they will only do it as long as you’re around to enforce a consequence but the moment they leave home if they never understood the wisdom of it they won’t do it anymore because you don’t have a consequence there but when you do all three you give a command a teaching and a consequence you explain to them then the goal of discipline is fulfilled what is the goal of discipline wisdom that your subordinates your children, your employees those that you pastor whatever context in which you find yourself that those people would learn why you’re asking them to do that thing so that even when you’re not present they would have wisdom to understand the reasons why and they would make that same decision themselves that’s the goal of discipline so the question in our lives today is are there areas where we’ve just been giving a command and then yelling at people because they didn’t fulfill it never giving a teaching or an explanation understanding of why so that people don’t learn wisdom or having no consequence at all so we teach people to just disobey our voice when we do all three of those then people around us learn wisdom that’s how God trains us He gives us a command and He gives us a consequence and He gives us a teaching you know the word Torah which is the first 5 books of Moses literally means teaching a lot of times translated law it doesn’t actually mean law it just means teaching, instruction understanding the principles of life today use all three in your family in your business context a command a teaching and a consequence to help people learn wisdom walk in wisdom and today as you go through life, remember love God with all your heart bless people around you and you will make a difference


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