Numbers 4:15

The Holy and the Common


Numbers 4:15 when Aaron and his sons have finished covering the Holy objects and all the furnishings of the sanctuary when the camp is to set out after that the sons of Kohath shall come to carry them so that they will not touch the holy objects and die these are the things in the tent of meeting which the sons of Kohath are to carry Shabbat Shalom we’re talking in this scripture about a particular group of priests called the Kohathites the sons of Kohath they had a very specific job they carried the ark of the covenant their job was to pick it up to carry it on their shoulders very interesting thing is why is it that anybody else who touched that ark would die and why is it that the Koathites wouldn’t die is it because they were more righteous than everybody else is it because they lived a higher moral standard than everybody no, not at all it was because they were dedicated to that work they were set aside and there’s a very interesting word they are Holy unto that work and I want to just talk a little bit today about the concept of Holy, what does it mean I always thought Holy meant very very righteous very high moral standard but it’s the word Kadosh and that’s not what it means it doesn’t have anything to do with righteousness doesn’t have anything to do with moral standard it simply means dedicated set aside separated and so the Koathites were dedicated to that work the opposite of Holy is not unrighteous or sinful the opposite of Holy is common let me just give you such a simple example suppose that 5 telephone lines are going into an office 4 of them go to voice communication they’re common lines the fifth one goes to a fax machine we call it a dedicated line another word for that would be Holy we could say that line is Holy unto the fax machine a completely appropriate use of that word it means dedicated set aside here’s what I want you to see that we see in this scripture and that is this there’s a principle I just see all through the word of God and it’s this in a true environment of power when ever the Holy comes in contact with the common, death ensues when ever people treat what God said was Holy as though it were common death ensues whenever somebody dedicates something to the Lord and it’s Holy and then they treat it as common death ensues let me give you a practical example Acts 5 Ananias and Sapphira they had land it was common it was theirs they dedicated it to the Lord changed categories changed classification from common to Holy dedicated to the Lord then they treated what they themselves had dedicated to the Lord as common and you know what happened death ensued why, because there was an environment of power a true environment of power we see the same thing with Uzzah remember Uzzah I wrote this down where that is in 1 Chronicles 13:9-10 we read about a man named Uzzah David at that time decided he had a brilliant idea instead of having the Koathites carry the ark on their shoulders He’d put it on an ox cart so they were carrying the ark on an ox cart it was about to fall in the mud an unsuspecting man with a good heart not an evil man a man called Uzzah who was not a Koathite just a common man reached out and touched the ark to try to keep it from falling in the mud and the power killed him here’s my picture the picture that God gave me is like this it’s like the power running through an electric power outlet the power behind the little plug in the electric power outlet is dedicated unto electric appliances electronic appliances thrive they do well you plug a plug in from a guitar amplifier for example and it thrives on the power in that outet on the other hand how about your body your body isn’t dedicated or that power isn’t dedicated to your body it’s dedicated to electronic appliances your body is common what happens if your body comes in contact with that power you take two little paper clips and put it in the outlet do you know what will happen that power will kill you or severely injure you why you’re not dedicated in a true environment of power when that which is common comes in contact with that which is Holy death always ensues and I don’t have time this morning to go through all the different all the examples but we see it over and over and over in scripture where God said something was Holy when it was treated as common because of the environment of power death ensued not because God was angry with that person or spiteful no it’s just what happens the same is if a father says to his son a three year old son don’t put the paper clips in the power outlet it’s dangerous it could kill you the son doesn’t believe him puts the paper clips in there anyway and the power zaps him when he wakes up in the hospital he thinks to himself wow Dad was serious he really punished me no that wasn’t your dad punishing you your Dad told you not to do that he was trying to prevent that consequence the power is what punished you as it were, it didn’t punish you it’s just a natural consequence of your common body coming in contact with power which is dedicated to electronic appliances I was asking God I did a study on what God said was holy and I said Lord you said many things are Holy in Torah many things throughout your word you said were Holy and yet people violate those things and treat them as common today but I don’t see many dying why not the Lord showed me it’s because He dialed the power down so that there’s not much power available can you imagine if everyone who treated what God said was Holy as common were in an environment of power today how many Ananias and Sapphira and Uzzah and Achan there’s a long list how many would be instantly incinerated as it were by the power if the power were truly turned back on how do we restore an environment of power in our day I believe it has to do with what we just read here in Torah we need to learn how to manage power and one of the very first principles in managing power is learn what’s Holy and what’s common so that we can treat what God says is Holy as Holy and what God says is common as common and then God could begin to increase the power again without harm without people my picture today of much of the body of Messiah we’re actually putting the paper clips in the outlet right now trying to get whatever little buzz we can out of that outlet and so with one end we’ve got the paperclips in the power outlet trying to get a buzz the other hand lifted to heaven and you know what our prayer is God send your power and I think the Father in His wisdom is saying maybe not yet maybe we need to understand a principle here from Torah what we’re reading today about the Koathites that the Koathites were able to touch the ark because they were dedicated they were Holy unto that work other people were not and they would die if they touched the ark we need to understand how to appropriately handle what is Holy what is common and then God could restore an environment of power let’s pray Father would you teach each one of us Father what today is dedicated in my life God what are you speaking to me about today just ask the Lord that question Father what is it that I need to treat as Holy, what is dedicated what do you say is Dedicated that I should treat as Holy and not as common you said we’re a royal priesthood a Holy nation Father we are to be Holy as you are Holy that doesn’t mean perfect that means we’re to learn what is yours, what’s dedicated and how to walk in that Father what are you saying to me today I need to treat as dedicated, as set aside, as separate what is it Father just listen let God speak to you what is it Father you want me to set aside as separated today and Father I pray for every one watching today Father teach us how to distinguish what is Holy from what is common that you might restore your power working through me without burning me up without me being like Uzzah not understanding the power and touching the wrong thing at the wrong time Father I pray that you’d show each one of us how to be good stewards and administrators of your grace and your power in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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