Romans 8:28

God Causes All Things to Work Together For Good


Romans 8:28 and we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God to those who are called according to His purpose that is a powerful scripture that says God will use everything even the works of the enemy to accomplish his purpose one of the things that I find that is absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong in the way people use that scripture many people think that says that God is the author of all things that God is behind everything that happens that is absolutely not true there are many things that happen on planet earth that are not God’s plan all you got to do is read the newspaper and look at what evil people are doing around the world and it’s very obvious that is not God’s character that’s not his nature that’s not anything God ever intended anything God ever planned so what does it mean here’s what’s critical to understand God is the master of all circumstances but he is definitely not the author of all circumstances let me just give you an example suppose there’s a man driving a car along a road headed for a bridge out God doesn’t want this man to drive off the cliff where there’s no bridge and get hurt so he puts a sign there and it says bridge out, stop suppose the man ignores that and carries on then God sends an angel like He did with Balaam and the donkey to try to stop the man and the man ignores the angel and drives right off the cliff falls to the bottom gets internal injuries, broken bones ends up in the hospital the guy in the hospital bed next to him in the room ends up being a person who doesn’t know the Lord and this guy in the hospital leads that person to the Lord many well intention Christians come and say now we know why God let you drive your car off the cliff no, God didn’t want him to drive the car off the cliff God was trying to stop him from driving the car off the cliff the devil was trying to kill him the devil was trying to destroy him God was doing everything he could to stop the man from driving the car off the cliff God was not the author of that circumstance God definitely had another way to get the man born again who was in the Hospital bed next to him but God is an opportunist He’s the master of all circumstances so God said OK seeing as how you would not stop for the angel, for the sign for all the things I tried to do to get you to not drive off the cliff since you now have driven off the cliff I will use that circumstance for a good purpose because you’re called according to my purpose you love me so what I will do is I will use you to lead this man to the Lord and I’ll accomplish a good purpose out of a bad circumstance God is the master of all circumstances there are many things going on that are not from God that God never intended God never wanted but people ascribe to God that’s fatalism that’s more like Islam que sera sera whatever will be will be no, that’s not how the world works God does not relate to people that way God relates according to His word God relates according to covenant God will always treat you according to what He said He’s not random the enemy tries to make it look as though God were random God is not the author of sickness He’s not the author of destruction the Bible clearly says these are the works of the enemy to steal kill and destroy the Son of God appeared to destroy the works of the enemy but God uses all things to work together for good so when the enemy does something when you make a mistake when you sin when you do something foolish I can tell you right now it is never God’s will for you to sin God will never lead you to sin but you know what, people sin and you know what God will use even that to work together for good to accomplish a purpose even though it was never His will it was never His plan I hope that clarifies to you helps you to understand that scripture to understand God is just an incredible God who will work all things together for good even though He’s not the author of all things has there been an area in your life where you were ascribing to God something that the devil was doing I encourage you to repent ask God to forgive you but trust God to use all circumstances have you sinned have you done something foolish do you find yourself in a difficult circumstance of your own making or of the making of other people God didn’t do it but here’s what you can know God will work all things together for good in your life God will weave a tapestry together even of things that never should have been to accomplish His purpose and God will do that in your life today so what area of your life something that maybe wasn’t from God, that’s difficult is God using today to work together for good to accomplish His purpose I pray that you understand that that you walk in it and you powerfully continue in relationship with Him today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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