Ephesians 5:33

What Fuel Fills the Value Tank of Your Wife?


Ephesians 5:33 nevertheless each individual among you also is to love his own wife even as himself and the wife must see to it that she respects her husband I told you yesterday the reason is this is because each human runs on value we have a fuel tank like a car and the fuel we run on is value what fills the value tank of a husband respect what fills the value tank of a wife love I said yesterday I’d tell you today three things that love means to most women and three things that respect means to most men I encourage you to do more study on this to really understand this here’s what God showed me as a husband most women told me this if my husband would do these three things it would really fill my tank and make me feel loved and valuable number one what love means to most women I want to be high priority in my husband’s life I want Jesus Christ to be number one to my husband but after Jesus I want to be number one I want to be ahead of his money I want to be ahead of his friends ahead of his work, ahead of his ministry ahead of his sports, ahead of tv ahead of everything I want to be number one the second thing wives tell me that love means is I really want my husband to concern himself and care about my feelings, my thoughts my priorities, my opinions you know many times wives tell me my husband will ask everybody else their opinion before he asks me he treats me like my opinion just doesn’t matter like it’s invalid, like I’m stupid or something and that hurts me the number three thing that wives tell me love means to most women is this when my husband wounds me and he does hurt me I really would like him to acknowledge it I’d like him to I’d just to know that he knows that he hurt me and that that concerns him that he cares about that what would really be great is if he actually apologized if he repented and asked forgiveness that would really fill my tank and women tell me most of the time my husband doesn’t do that when I try to tell him he’s hurt me instead of acknowledging it and taking responsibility instead he defends, he justifies he explains why he did that and that just hurts me more so hubands if you want to fill your wife’s love tank make her high priority ask her questions about her feelings about her thoughts about her priorities and when she tells you that you hurt her don’t defend and justify repent ask forgiveness on the other side what does respect mean to most men number one acceptance a man wants to be accepted he doesn’t want to be changed the opposite of acceptance is trying to change your husband the opposite of acceptance is rejection what that means is telling him all the things you don’t like telling him all the things you think he should do different telling him all the things he does wrong that’s rejection, that wounds him that robs and drains his tank of respect the second thing that respect means to most men is admiration every man wants to hear these words from his wife I’m proud of you you are the most awesome man in your job whatever your husband’s job is you’re the most awesome pastor you’re the most incredible lawyer you got to be the world’s best plumber you’re just awesome you’re incredible I’m so proud of you you may not even understand what your husband does but if you’ll tell him you’re proud of him and admire him that fills his love tank or his value tank with respect the third thing respect means to most men is appreciation so it’s three A’s acceptance, admiration, appreciation what does appreciation mean tell him a very simple word thank you thank you for what thank you for working thank you for loving me thank you for praying for me whatever the good things are wives say who’s going to tell him about the bad things the Holy Spirit that’s his job not your job who do you tell about all the things you don’t like in your husband please tell God that’s the purpose of intercession tell God all the things you want changed tell your husband all the good things if you do that you’ll fill his tank with respect I guarantee you this you will have a pleasant journey through marriage as a wife if you criticize him you tell him all the things that are wrong you never admire him you never say you’re proud of him and you never say thank- you he will close up tighter than a drum and not talk to you many women tell me my husband talks to everybody else he talks to people at church he talks to people at work he even talks to strangers in a restaurant he doesn’t talk to me you know what that lets me know in that family there’s a wife who does not admire her husband and she doesn’t appreciate her husband she doesn’t say thank you she doesn’t say I’m proud of you so what does he do he will gravitate to wherever people do that whether that’s at work or at church or wherever it is that he receives affirmation I beg you make your home an environment of blessing make your home a place where your husband wants to come because his tank is filled up with respect make your home a place where your wife wants to come and spend time with you because you fill her tank with love so those are the three key things that was a revelation to me it was life changing for our marriage and I know it will be for yours today I just ask you today in what area would you maybe need to repent to your wife to your husband because you’ve done the opposite you’ve drained their value tank of respect or love what do you do about it I encourage you repent ask forgiveness and spend some time intentionally filling the value tank of your husband with respect of your wife with love that’s your assignment God bless you


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