2 Corinthians 5:16

Seeing No Person According to the Flesh


therefore from now on we recognize no one according to the flesh even though we have known Christ according to the flesh yet now we know Him in this way no longer what does that mean that we don’t know anybody after the flesh years ago I heard a teaching on that and the teacher was speaking and saying at any moment in time regarding other people in your life you can see them the way their flesh behaves which is their sinful nature the way they do things that wound you and hurt you or you can make a choice to see that person the way God sees them no longer in the flesh but in the spirit you can look at another person through eyes of the spirit or you can look at another person through eyes of the flesh. I remember one time I learned this lesson I was driving home I was late this was before the days of cell phones and I had told Jan my wife I would be home at a certain time now I found myself coming home almost 2 hours late I was feeling guilty and I thought when I get home she’s going to be mad at me because I’m late and she’s going to condemn me and make me feel guilty and bad because I’m late maybe she’ll be angry with me everything within me wanted to lie to her and then I began to realize I’m looking at her according to the flesh not according to the spirit why should I decide in advance that she’s going to treat me a certain way when that may not even be in her heart and I get a choice how I’m going to see her I choose to see her in the spirit instead of seeing her in the flesh and I had a battle, a struggle on the way home in the car I really wanted to tell her a story of why I was late that wasn’t the truth, the truth was I had simply chosen to sit and talk with another person for an hour and a half instead of honoring my commitment to come home and spend the evening with Jan I didn’t want to tell her that I thought that would hurt her so everything within me wanted to lie and tell her a story instead I finally said alright LORD I’ll tell her the truth and I’m going to choose to see her in the spirit rather than in the flesh I’m going to expect that she is going to treat me with grace and that she’s going to forgive me and she’s going to be understanding and I’m going to expect that when I came home I told her I’d like to tell you a long story about why I’m late but the truth is I just chose to talk with another person for this time and that’s why I’m late and dishonored my time commitment to you and I know that was wrong would you please forgive me and to my amazement she did she said I forgive you she just extended grace to me and I realized I think we might have had a whole different outcome had I come home with an expectation in my heart that she’s going to be mad at me that she’s going to wound me that she’s going to make me feel bad or yell at me for being late often times you draw right out of other people the very expectation you have in your heart to them another aspect of this principle I’ve seen is this in the midst of somebody yelling at you when you speak in a calm voice back to them often times it turns their entire demeanor why, because you’re choosing to see that person in the spririt instead of seeing that person in the flesh the passage we just read said from now on we no longer see anyone after the flesh I choose this is my point today it’s a choice to look at other people in the spirit or to look at other people in the flesh our family members people at work so today who is it that you’re tempted to see in the flesh and God is speaking to you right now no, you need to look in the spirit there’s somebody watching me today and your boss makes your life miserable at work time after time after time if you will change and make a decision to bless your boss to treat that person with kindness to see your boss in the spirit rather than in the flesh you will have a totally different type of day than you would have so we choose on purpose to see no man after the flesh but to look at people with eyes of the spirit to see them how God sees them I want to pray for you Father I pray today for each person watching this devotional that today would be my day to see others around me in the spirit not in the flesh Father what person would you bring to my attention right now that’s been a difficult one Lord what person do you want me to begin to view in the spirit rather than viewing in the flesh today just listen God will bring someone to your mind now Father I pray for the power of the Holy spirit to view and treat those around us in the spirit as you see them not in the flesh today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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