Romans 4:16-17

Calling Things that Be Not As Though They Were


for this reason it is by faith in order that it may be in accordance with grace so that the promise will be guaranteed to all the descendants not only to those who are of the Law but also to those who are of the faith of Abraham who is the father of us all as it is written a father of many nations have I made you in the presence of Him whom he believed even God who gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist when I first read that I read it in the King James and it says a very interesting thing in the King James it says that God is a God who calls things that be not as though they were when I first read that I thought calls things that be not, what be not what as I prayed I heard the voice of the spirit clear as a bell say to me God is a God who calls things that be not manifest as though they were you know what I realized there are things that do exist but they’re not manifest what faith does is faith reaches out and grabs hold of things that exist but are not yet manifest what do I mean things that exist but are not yet manifest probably in the very place where you are right now there are television waves radio waves passing right through the room you don’t have any capacity to receive them you can’t hear the sound of the radio waves you can’t see the picture of the television waves but it’s not because they don’t exist no, they do exist they’re present in the very room where you are most likely but you have no receptive apparatus by which you can manifest them the television waves exist but they’re not manifest what is a television receiver a television receiver most of us have cable now but that TV set doesn’t create anything either by cable or by receiving it through a wave in the air you know what the television set does it just receives and manifests what was already present if you have a television set an old set with rabbit ears it’s receiving waves that are already present and manifesting them that is a really great picture of human beings responding to God in faith what is faith faith is like a television set when you exercise faith what are you doing reaching into the supernatural grabbing hold of what God has said and bringing it into manifestation God said to Abraham when he was 80 years old his wife was barren there was no hope of having children and God says to Abraham you are the father of many nations He didn’t say you will be He said you are what was He doing living in fantasy land no, He was calling things that be not yet manifest but are existent as though they were here’s my point there are things that God has said about your family things that God has said about your finances things that God has already said about your business and when God speaks it is released like a TV wave being transmitted God has transmitted beamed out of heaven things for your life things for your marriage things for your family things for your finances things for your physical health things for every area of your life God has beamed things out like a television transmitter but it might be on your side there hasn’t been a TV receiver how many know a TV wave in the room where you are does no good unless there’s a television set plugged into that channel and so that’s who we are we’re like television sets what do we need to do tune into what God has beamed out and by faith begin to manifest how do you practically do that begin to speak what God says about your circumstance instead of what the circumstance is Abraham had no children had no chance of having children int he natural and yet God said you are the father of many nations as a television receiver, what do you do agree with God God I am the father of many nations maybe you’re deeply in debt maybe God has said I have called you to be out of debt what do you want to do begin to agree with God God, I am out of debt it’s been beamed out of heaven it’s not yet manifest but I’m choosing to agree with you that’s calling things that be not yet manifest as though they were manifest what do you call you don’t call what you have you call what you don’t have let me give you a simple example if you own a dog the dog is out in the neighborhood and you want the dog to come what do you do call the dog here dog, here dog what are you doing calling what exists but is not yet manifest is not yet here at your house you call it, don’t call the cat maybe the cat is already here you don’t want the cat you just say I don’t want the cat cat get out of here I don’t want the cat I wanted the dog no, don’t worry about what is here call what has been beamed out but is not yet manifest that’s exactly what Romans 4:17 means it means that we’re like television receivers we can’t create anyting ultimately God is the creator we’re limited creators of course made in His image but God beams things out what’s your job reach out by faith grab hold of what God had said about your marriage what God had said about your children one time my oldest son had a snow board accident and almost died and while we were in the midst of that turmoil getting him to the hospital and all that the thoughts come to you he’s going to die, he’s going to die or he’s going to be paralyzed you know what we did we called forth what God had said about him and in the end he was miraculously healed I’ll tell that story another time but you know I realized we need to agree with what God has said about our son not the circumstance or what the doctors are saying or what it appears or what it looks like, no we’re going to call the things that be not yet manifest but are existent so there are things that God has spoken to you things God wants to do in your family your children, your finances your physical health that He wants you to reach out in faith like Abraham for things that look impossible but yet there are things that God has already released and spoken over your life what are the things that you need to call that are not yet in manifestation but are existent what are those things in your life today let’s just pray Father would you speak to each one of us Father what are the things in my life today that you’ve spoken that I need to agree with that I need to exercise faith in what you said God not in the circumstances not in my situation faith in what you said I receive what you said today and you let God do that you let God put in your heart truth of what He said to you let Him do that for you so Father we receive what you say and we agree with it go ahead and just speak what God said to you about your circumstance today and God will bring to pass in manifestation that which He has spoken in the name of Yeshua Amen


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