Ephesians 4:32

Forgive Each Other as God Has Forgiven You


Ephesians 4:32 be kind to one another tender hearted forgiving each other just as God in Christ also has forgiven you forgiveness is difficult for many many people and we’re commanded in Matthew 18 to forgive from the heart not just from the mind you know what that means? your heart actually needs to release the person cancel the debt I wrote some things in my notes I just want to share with you about what forgiveness is not and what it is forgiveness is not to excuse to forget or to accept wrong doing forgiveness is to allow someone else to pay the debt of the one who owes you or the one who sins against you you know what it means if I forgive someone it means I acknowledge I’m no longer going to hold that person accountable to pay for what they did they lied about me they betrayed me they abandoned me they stole from me and there’s something in my heart that says that person owes me they ought to pay here’s what forgiveness is forgiveness says I am no longer going to hold that debt in my heart and demand that person pay what I’m going to do is acknowledge they can’t pay and Jesus the messiah died on the tree He shed His blood He went to hell and He was raised from the dead to pay not only for my sin but to pay for the one who sinned against me what I discovered is everyday when somebody woulds me hurts me I have a choice I can either hold a debt in my heart against that person and demand that they pay or I can accept the payment that Jesus made for that person and I can say Yeshua Your blood is enough because You died and You shed Your blood I will accept that as full payment it says if Yeshua were coming to you today and saying is My blood enough to pay for what your husband did to you is My blood enough to pay for what your father did to you is My blood enough to pay for what that business partner did when they betrayed you threw you under the bus and stole money from you is My blood enough or are you going to actually trample underfoot My blood reject My blood and say no, I demand that other person pay I was talking to one woman one time and she said I just can’t forgive I said why not because of what that person did is just unforgivable I’ll never be able to forgive them and I said let’s just pray why don’t we pray this way let me just lead you to pray she said ok I said let’s pray this LORD Jesus Your blood is not enough to pay for what that person did she said I can’t say that I said you already are saying that that’s exactly what you’re saying you’re saying you’re demanding that that person that hurt you pay and you’re rejecting the blood of Jesus you’re spitting in His face saying no, I don’t receive your payment it’s not enough so really the question in forgiveness is will you allow the blood of Jesus the messiah to be enough His death, His flogging what they did to Him His Crucifixion would that be enough to pay for what that person did and if not then what you’re actually doing is rejecting the blood of Jesus you’re rejecting the blood of Messiah and saying that’s not enough I reject that I insist that that person pay that’s what unforgiveness is my question today is why are we talking about this who in your life have you struggled with forgiving has it been difficult has it been hard have you allowed the blood of Jesus to actually be enough I wonder if we could just pray could I just lead you to pray if you’re struggling and God has brought somebody to your mind that you know you need to forgive would you just pray this prayer with me unless your driving just close your eyes and let’s pray this Father God just speak these words right with me Father God thank you that you love me thank you that I am worth the life of Jesus your son and LORD that one that you brought to my mind who sinned against me that person cannot pay Jesus you did pay and I declare today your blood is enough and because of your blood I forgive and would you just say the name of that person that you’re forgiving say their name I forgive and you say their name I cancel the debt in my heart against (________) and LORD I trust you to restore to me everything that the enemy stole through that person I pray these things in the mighty name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Amen


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