Psalm 34:3

Oh Magnify The Lord With Me


Psalm 34:3 O magnify the LORD with me and let us exult His name together so we’re called to do two things magnify the LORD and lift His name up exult His name I want to talk about what it means to magnify magnify means to make very very large in your sight have you ever tried to go on a diet what most people do when they go on a diet they think about all the food they’re not going to eat I’m not going to eat icecream I’m not going to eat chocolate cake I’m not going to eat this and that the more you think of all the things you’re not going to eat what you’re doing is actually magnifying those things in your sight you’re making them very very large in your own mind the Bible says magnify the LORD the enemy comes along and wants us to magnify our sin the enemy wants us to magnify the sin of other people the things that people have done to hurt us to wound us and you can make those things very very large whatever you magnify you give power to in your life when somebody hurts you and wounds you when you dwell and meditate on that hurt and on that wound what you’re doing is giving power to that person you’re giving power for the enemy to wound you and hurt you and deposit lies in your heart when you magnify your own sin and you just keep rehearsing it over and over and over in your mind what you’re doing is empowering that giving power to that the Bible doesn’t say magnify what you’ve done wrong magnify what other people have done wrong let me give you an example again magnify means to make very large so if I am holding my bible here it’s covering only a small part of my field of vision maybe 5% here’s what magnify means magnify is to do this now the Bible is covering almost 100% of my vision I’ve magnified it I’ve made it very very large what we just read is magnify God, minimize sin minimize mistakes minimize all the things that don’t work minimize all the things that people have done to hurt you magnify the LORD and exult His name so today I encourage you as you go through your day through the entire day you’ll be tempted to magnify all kinds of things to give power to things people say that are foolish or hurtful don’t do that magnify the LORD lift Him up make Him very very important very very big in your eyes today so let me just pray for you I pray in Jesus name that today as you walk through your life you would truly magnify the LORD and that everything that’s not of God would be minimized in your life that Yeshua Ha Mashiach the Messiah of Israel the one who died and shed His blood for you that He would be preeminent and very very large in everything you do today Amen


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