Luke 4:17-21

Messiah Came to Bring Good News and Release to Captives


Luke 4:17-21 and He was handed the book of the prophet Isaiah and when He had opened the book He found the place where it was written the Spirit of the LORD is upon Me because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor He has sent Me to heal the broken hearted to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind to set at liberty those who are oppressed to proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD then He closed the book and gave it back to the attendant and sat down and the eyes of all who were in the synagogue were fixed on Him and He began to say to them today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing of course Yeshua here is quoting from Isaiah 61 this is messianic talking about what will happen the Spirit of the LORD will come upon Messiah and this is His work this is what He will do we are in Him we’re grafted in to covenant by the blood of Yeshua and this is our work as believers whether you’re in the workplace whether you’re at home whether you’re raising children whether you’re a minister paid full time it really doesn’t matter this is our work as believers because this is the anointing of Messiah and we are in Him we’re grafted into Him what did He come to do and what have we come to do to preach the good news to the poor what is good news to the poor good news to the poor is you don’t have to be poor anymore that God has a way for you to come out of poverty to be released and not just to be scraping by trying to get your needs met but God wants to provide for you and not only provide for you use you to bless many many other people that is good news He has sent Me Yeshua said to heal the broken hearted many wounded people many broken hearted people God has anointed us to minister to and to heal broken hearted people to proclaim liberty to captives people in bondage in captivity to addictive bondages to alcohol, to drugs, to pornography to anger, to bitterness people are in all kinds of addictive bondages there’s an anointing here that is upon Messiah and we’re in Him to set people free from everyone of those things maybe you’re thinking before I can set anybody else free I need to be set free myself praise God this word is for you then today for you to be set free recovery of sight to the blind that’s not just physically blind but those people who are spiritually blind people who are emotionally blind people who wound other people and don’t even know it I know all of us think of people that have done that to us let’s not apply it that way let’s ask God Father are there areas in which I’m blind I need my eyes to be opened to set at Liberty those who are oppressed some people are under a spiritual oppression under an emotional oppression this is your day to be set free from oppression because the anointing of Messiah Jesus is here to set you free that’s exactly what He said to proclaim the favorable or acceptable year of the LORD do you know what that means? that today is a day of favor for you it means you will have favor with vendors favor with customers favor with teachers favor with your husband your wife with people you come in contact with what does favor mean it means people will like you they will open doors for you they will say things like this we don’t usually do this but for you we’re going to you can expect that today in your business expect that in your relationships today is the favorable year of the LORD that mean the year of favor the day of favor the day when doors open for you this is what this word says and Yeshua spoke this closed the book sat back down and said this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing and what I’m here to tell you is we’re in Him we’re in covenant with Him what that means is today this scripture is fulfilled and release the anointing of this is released into your life that all these things might be true for you today I want you to hear this in two ways number one for yourself if you’re oppressed and you need to be set free this is your day if one of these things apply to you you need healing this is your day secondly God will bring people across your path today that need good news that need to hear a kind word the world would change if we just began to do a very simple thing, be kind to those around us to give them good news instead of bad news most people go through their day their own heart is busy telling them all the things wrong with them not many people tell them what’s right with them would you make it your business today as you go through your day to bring people good news tell them the things that are good about them the things that are right with them pray for healing use the anointing use your faith with the anointing to lift people out of oppression I’d like to pray that for you this morning exactly these things I pray for you in the mighty name of Yeshua that this anointing that He spoke of Messianic anointing the anointing of the Messiah I release it into your life this day that you would receive the good news that you would know God is not angry with you God’s not unhappy with you He’s seen everything you’ve ever done and yet He loves you Yeshua died for you you are the apple of His eye He would give everything for you that is good news I pray for you today that if your heart is broken that the anointing of the Father would come upon you that you would sense his arms around you right now bringing healing to any broken heartedness and if you’ve been in bondage to some addictive bondage to anger, to fear that one I just feel the Holy Spirit saying fear is a powerful one if you’ve been in fear I break the power of that fear over your life right now you are in the palm of a hand of God almighty He will protect you and no harm will come to you I release that anointing in your life today and I release an anointing for blindness to be gone spiritual blindness Father open every one of our eyes today to see things we have not seen before to see even in the spirit like Elijah’s servant when Elijah prayed let him see there are more with us than are with them and His eyes were opened Father I pray that for my brother, for my sister today I pray your eyes would be open today to see in the spirit not just in the natural as you go through your day but to see what God is doing in your life and to set at liberty those who are oppressed and I pray great favor over you today everywhere you go that doors would open for you you would have great favor and I pray that you would be a blessing to all those around you today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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