Job 9:16-23

Job’s False Image of God


Job 9:16-23 if I called and He answered me I could not believe that He was listening to my voice for He bruises me with a tempest and multiplies my wounds without cause He will not allow me to get my breath but saturates me with bitterness if it is a matter of power behold, He is the strong one and if it is a matter of justice who can summon Him? though I am righteous my mouth will condemn me though I am guiltless He will declare me guilty I am guiltless I do not take notice of myself I despise my life it is all one therefore I say He destroys the guiltless and the wicked if the scourge kills suddenly He mocks the despair of the innocent not a real encouraging scripture why are we reading that here’s what I need you to see satan’s favorite tactic in everyone of our lives is he comes as a thief to steal, kill, destroy Yeshua said I came that you might have life and have it abundantly so the thief comes to your life he steals he kills he destroys that’s exactly what he did to Job and then his second tactic he turns it around and says God did that God let that happen after what happened to Job his family members were killed sickness was put upon him he lost almost everything and this is what he believes about God what we just read he believes God is the one who’s destroying him God is the one who won’t let him get his breath God is the one who even though he’s guiltless declares him guilty for no reason punishes him, destroys him kicks him it says God actually gathers up innocent people declares them guilty and then kills them and tortures them slowly to death and mocks them and laughs at them while they are dying does that sound like the God you know does that sound like the God of the Bible absolutely not but that’s the image Job has in his heart can you see what the enemy has done to Job the enemy came ravaged Job destroyed him steal, kill, destroy that’s what satan did to Job and then somehow convinced Job God is the one that’s doing this if you believe that God was doing all that to you would you open your heart and run toward God, of course not you’d close your heart shrink away and try to protect yourself from the one that you believe is destroying you and this is the image that Job has of God if the scourge kills quickly, suddenly he mocks the despair of the innocent God laughs and mocks at people who are being tortured and tormented obviously that’s not the character of God but here’s the point if the enemy is able to convince you in your heart that God is like that your heart will never open to God I find for many believers there’s a huge disparity between what’s in their heart and what’s in their mind their mind says yes, God is good I love God and their heart is fearful full of blame toward God anger toward God and their heart wants to close up and protect from God because deep inside that person believes God is the one who’s tormenting them God is the one that hurt them that didn’t protect them that is absolutely the opposite of the truth I believe the reason I’m saying that today is there are some that are watching this today and you’ve had in your heart that image of God perhaps terrible things happened to you perhaps there was abandonment or betrayal or lying or violation horrible things and in your heart you’ve said God where were you He’s the only one that can answer that He’s the only one that can heal you deliver you, set you free God is your only source of help and if the enemy can convince you that God is the one tormenting you you’ll close your heart and not open and allow Him to help you today is your day to open your heart and let God be the one to be there for you let Him be the one to be your source of help your source of encouragement your source of life Yeshua said I came that you might have life and have it abundantly the thief is the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy so Father God would you speak to me today in what area of my own heart am I disappointed in you what area of my heart is closed to you, fearful that you won’t provide for me or won’t take care of me Father I just lay that before you today would you touch and heal every area of my heart that hasn’t trusted you Father I declare today I trust you, you are my only source of help and life deliverance and freedom Amen


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