Matthew 6:25-26

Do You Have Sparrow Faith?


Matthew 6:25-26 for this reason I say to you do not be worried about your life as to what you will eat or what you will drink, nor for your body as to what you will put on is not life more than food and the body more than clothing look at the birds of the air that they do not sow nor reap nor gather into barns and yet your heavenly Father feeds them are you not worth much more than they this is an awesome scripture about God’s provision for everyone of us I always thought that provision financially and meeting of my needs came through sowing and reaping as a pastor I taught that for years that if you’re in need what you need to do is sow sowing and reaping is in Mark 4 it is definitely a Biblical principle the revelation I got from this scripture the purpose of sowing and reaping is not your provision Yeshua has a totally different model of provision it’s interesting His model of provision is birds he talks about sparrows I call this actually sparrow faith that a revelation needs to come to us of faith like birds have like sparrows have and here’s what Yeshua said He said there are two things the birds do not do and one thing the birds do in verse 26 let’s look at it again He said look at the birds of the air they do not sow nor reap isn’t that interesting the model that Yeshua uses for provision is not sowing and reaping they don’t sow and reap and they don’t gather into barns well what do they do it says they simply trust in God their Father who feeds them every single day have you ever seen a sparrow or a robin or a bird outside having an anxiety attack can you imagine a bird running around full of fear I’m going to die I’ve got to find some food I’m going to die no, the birds are at peace they’re not full of fear only the humans are full of fear many people lie awake at night fearful the stock market is going to crash fearful they’re going to lose their job fearful the economy is going to go down and take away their savings plan their retirement plan people are full of fear the very first thing we read Yeshua said verse 25 take no care for your life people all the time are telling other people take care I don’t know why that’s become a common thing to say when we leave one another, take care I always think, I’m not taking care Yeshua told me not to take care yourself I’ll take joy, I’ll take peace I’ll take blessing I’m not taking care and that’s the very first thing He said in verse 25 take no care I thought maybe we should say that to each other take no care that would be a strange thing to say wouldn’t it but that’s what Yeshua said that we’re to do why would I take no care why would I not be full of worry or anxiety and the answer is because I believe my Father in heaven loves me more than these birds here’s another analogy that Yeshua used many many times that is of a little child do you have a 4 or 5 year old child or grandchild or can you remember when you did how much time does a 4 or 5 year old child spent thinking about provision how much time does a little boy or a little girl lie in bed at night worried they’re not going to have enough food I know in some parts of the word they do, but in general our children, our grandchildren aren’t lying awake at night fearful they’re not going to have food or shelter here’s the most amazing thing probably on the naughtiest day of your little boy’s life you still gave him dinner you still gave your little girl clothes why because of one thing you loved them and if you asked that little child are you fearful you’re not going to have enough food or enough clothes they’ll say no I never think about it why not there’s only one thing they know Dad Mom they love me little children don’t even know where food comes from don’t even know where provision comes from they just trust the Dad or Mom and know that parent loves them and that’s why they’re going to be taken care of Yeshua is saying we’re to have that same kind of peace just a revelation my Father loves me more than birds I’ve said to many people next time that fear hits your heart I’m going to lose my job I just hear the Holy Spirit speaking to me right now there’s someone who just lost a job and that fear hit your heart the word of the lord is to you today God your Father loves you more than birds all you need to do go look out the window look out the door if the birds are still there ahhhhhh be at peace God loves you more than those birds and that’s the point of this scripture today provision is not dependent on your works it’s not dependent on sowing and reaping it’s not dependent on whether you tithe it’s not dependent on whether you read your Bible it’s not dependent on whether you were obedient and did what you were supposed to today no, provision comes from your Father who loves you all those things are good and right things to do yes we should do what God tells us to do yes we should tithe yes we should sow with an expectation of reaping but our provision is not dependent on it our provision is dependent upon the love and grace of my Father in heaven who loves you more than birds I’d like to pray Father would you give every one of us that revelation of spirit faith faith in the spirit like a sparrow that’s actually what I meant to say is sparrow faith God give us a revelation of sparrow faith that you love us more than sparrows you love us more than birds Father I pray that revelation would come to each one of us and God that we would walk free of anxiety, care, fear knowing you love us you’ll provide for us just like a child knows that about a father and mother thank you for that security LORD I pray that for each one listening today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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