Jeremiah 6:16

Ask For the Ancient Paths


Jeremiah 6:16 thus says the LORD stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths where the good way is and walk in it and you will find rest for your souls but they said we will not walk in it this has sort of become a theme scripture for my life God gave me this scripture many many years ago where the Bible says see and ask for the ancient paths I thought it would be a good idea to see and ask for the ancient paths so I said God what are your ancient paths I’ve never heard of that I don’t know what that means I just did a little word study on that and I first of all looked up the word ancient and what I discovered is it’s the Hebrew word Olam O-L-A-M and it doesn’t mean just old or old fashioned but it actually means things like eternal, perpetual, timeless from before time and this one really got me out of eternity ways of God that were from before God even created the earth the most amazing thing is that even after sin entered the world after the fall of man men used to live 900 years today men live 90 years and that’s a good long lifespan 10% of the time that men used to live I believe the reason that is is we have departed farther and farther away from God’s ancient paths so what are ancient paths I believe they are these universal principles of God that just affect everybody there are universal principles of God that affect your physical health that govern your marriage that govern your children your family, your finances every area of life there are universal principles I call them ancient paths just like in the physical realm gravity gravity is a universal principle there’s nobody that can step off a cliff and say gravity won’t affect me Christians can’t step off a cliff and say bless God I’m in Christ and because of that I’m set free from the law of gravity of course not that isn’t going to work that way why, because gravity is like an ancient path it’s just a universal principle God is not going to turn off gravity that day because you decide not to obey it the very first book I ever wrote is talking about this principle I called it The Ancient Paths this is just a critical principle for us to understand there are ancient paths described all through out the word of God that talk about ways of God to govern your family to govern your emotions to govern your physical health your spiritual life to govern your relationships to govern your finances every area of life these are ancient paths and the purpose is to discover God what are your ancient paths and here’s what I believe the closer we draw back to walking in God’s ancient paths the easier life becomes the farther away your life is from God’s ancient paths the more difficultly and pain you cause for yourself and for everybody around you so it’s my prayer today that you would do exactly what this scripture says and that is press in, seek God ask for His ancient paths let’s just pray that Father would you show us your ancient paths today Father in what area do you want to reveal your ancient paths is it my relationship my family my spiritual relationship with you finances physical health what are your basic principles of life that you want me to walk in today Father show me ancient paths today in the mighty name of Yeshua Amen


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